The heart is probably the best known and without question one of the most important organs in the human body. As the central “pump”, it supplies the entire body with oxygen-rich blood. It works day and night without interruption, keeping our blood in constant motion. Sudden exposure can often have fatal consequences. Most people are aware of the importance of the organ and that preventive measures, such as exercise and mindful eating, have been shown to lead to a healthier heart.

Nevertheless, the health of this vital organ is not exactly good in our latitudes. Although there is a wide range of knowledge and many ways to keep the heart fit in this country, many of us maintain a lifestyle that endangers vascular health. Heart and circulatory diseases are still at the top of the list of illnesses and causes of death in all industrialized nations.

How well do you know your heart and how well do you know about heart health? Test your knowledge, learn more about common heart diseases and increase your health awareness.

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