Hookah: How harmful is the trend?

Hookah How harmful is the trend

Summer invites you to relax on meadows, in parks and swimming pools. In addition to picnic blankets, more and more young people are seen with water pipes as the temperature rises, and shisha bars are also a trend. But the tobacco with the fruity-sweet taste can harm your health. You’ll find more about it here.

The water pipe, also called shisha, is just as harmful as smoking a cigarette. Hookah smoking has such a negative effect on the body.

Hookah: Shisha smoking is so unhealthy

It doesn’t matter whether it’s cigarettes or a water pipe – when smoking, toxic and carcinogenic substances enter the body. Among other things, the smoke contains tobacco-specific nitrosamines, aldehydes and other combustion products.

In addition, the tobacco of the water pipe is not burned directly  , but carbonized. This can result in additional toxins:

  • Acetaldehyde
  • Acrolein
  • Benzene

The heavy metals chromium, nickel, cobalt and lead accumulate in the body through regular smoking of a shisha and can have a negative effect on the body. In addition, when smoking tobacco, tar can get into the lungs due to the combustion process of the tobacco. The tar can clog the air sacs in the lungs and reduce lung function and, in the long run, lead to smoker’s lungs.

The mixture of sugar, syrup and tobacco in particular can have a carcinogenic effect, irritate the mucous membranes and cause long-term damage to the body. Numerous additives in the various types of tobacco make fruity tobacco more dangerous than cigarettes.

Source of infection water pipe – when the hose goes in circles

Hookahs are usually used by several people with just one mouthpiece. These infectious diseases, among others, can be transmitted by dividing the hose.

Infection with the corona virus is also possible when smoking a water pipe with several people.

Addictive factor nicotine – smoking water pipes can also be addictive

Hookah tobacco contains more nicotine than cigarette tobacco. This is one of the reasons why there is a higher risk of addiction when hookah consumption. Nicotine can increase heart rate, increase blood pressure and reduce skin resistance. Performance and concentration can also decrease.

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