How many teeth does a human dentition have?

Normally, a person has 28 to 32 teeth. A complete set of teeth consists of eight incisors, four canines, eight front molars (premolars) and eight rear molars (molars). With four wisdom teeth (third molars), our dentition includes a total of 32 teeth.

The wisdom teeth , also known as “eights”,   grow into a problem in many cases. From an orthodontic point of view, it is therefore often advisable to have them removed early, as they can push the side teeth together due to their pushing effect on the jaw. If there is a “lack of space”, for example with a narrow jaw or exceptionally wide teeth, this can lead to overbites or overbites and a consequence of other serious complaints.

milk teeth

The development of our bit is in a way a breakthrough in installments. The forerunners of the “permanent” teeth are the milk teeth of childhood, there are 20 in number. Although they fall out, they too must be carefully cared for in order to ensure their placeholder function for healthy adult teeth and to avoid lengthy orthodontic corrections as far as possible.


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