How many types of fruit are there in the world?

They grow on shrubs, bushes and trees. They are small and round like a blueberry or crooked and elongated like a  banana . No other food group offers so much variety and so much healthy enjoyment as fruit.

To define fruit

What all fruit species have in common is that they are fruits or seeds of perennial plants and have a pleasant  taste , usually sweet or somewhat tart.

The term “fruit” originated from the Middle High German word “obez”, which means “Zukost, Beikost”. At that time it was customary to eat fruit in the form of compote as a supplement to the main course.

Fresh fruit predominates today: Every German citizen eats around 100 g of fresh fruit and around 50 g of processed fruit every day. The changed preferences are probably due to the fact that quality and taste have now been improved through breeding.

While new types of fruit were created from the original wild fruit through random pollination over the centuries, fruit breeding has been practiced systematically since the 20th century. To do this, it was necessary to research the genetic and physiological properties of the fruit varieties.

New breeds

Based on the knowledge gained, it is now possible to specifically breed new types of fruit with specific properties. In the meantime, more than 40,000 different types of fruit have developed from several hundred types of fruit worldwide.

The apple alone has around 20,000 variants. Incidentally, apples are the most popular fruit in Germany, followed by bananas, oranges, clementines,  table grapes , peaches and  strawberries .

The months of July to October are the main harvest time in Germany. Now the variety of fresh fruit is greatest and the taste is best. It’s worth grabbing!


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