Hypochondriac test: do you suffer from hypochondria?

Hypochondria is a mental illness in which sufferers have developed a high sensitivity to physical signals, such as headaches or abdominal pain. That is, a hypochondriac pays extreme attention to physical ailments and (potential) symptoms of an illness. This is accompanied by strong fears in relation to one’s own health and there is the constant fear of suffering from an (undetected) serious illness. In extreme cases, these fears can severely limit the quality of life and be accompanied by depression, panic attacks or physical complaints

This test is based on the so-called “Whitley Index” (WI), a standardized questionnaire that is used in addition to the “Illness Attitude Scales” (IAS test for short) to diagnose hypochondria. The self-test was also supplemented with additional questions relating to typical symptoms and possible causes of the mental disorder.

Please note, however, that this test can only provide initial indications of a possible disease and cannot replace a diagnosis. If you suspect that you may be a hypochondriac, be sure to seek medical advice.

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