Ice cream alternative: Frozen yoghurt is so healthy

Frozen yoghurt has established itself as a healthy alternative to ice cream. The yoghurt is available in different flavors, but is usually refined as natural yoghurt with different toppings, such as fruit, sauces or sweets. Read here how healthy frozen yoghurt really is.

The “frozen yoghurt” is available in special frozen yoghurt shops, ice cream shops or the supermarket, the toppings vary according to personal preference.

Frozen yogurt isn’t just natural yogurt

Anyone who enjoys frozen  yoghurt  is often of the opinion that they are consuming a healthy alternative to ice cream and sweets. But the cool yoghurt is usually not “pure nature”. Various ingredients are often added to natural yoghurt:

  • emulsifiers
  • thickener
  • stabilizers
  • Milch
  • milk powder
  • yoghurt powder

The added substances should ensure optimal consistency and durability.

Tip:  Packaged products often contain terms such as “ice cream”, “milk ice cream” or “frozen milk and yoghurt preparation” on the list of ingredients. This is not pure natural yoghurt. It’s a good idea to check the nutritional chart to discover hidden calories, sugar and fat content.

Frozen yoghurt: hidden sugar trap or natural treat?

Due to its basic ingredients, frozen yoghurt can be a healthier and lower-calorie cooling off in summer compared to ice cream. The fat content (between 1.2 to 2.4 percent) of “FroJo” is lower than that of ice cream (6 to 17 percent).

In the case of packaged frozen yoghurts from the supermarket in particular, attention should also be paid to the sugar content, as this is usually higher than in fresh frozen yoghurt (23 percent compared to 15 to 20 percent) in the frozen yoghurt shop around the corner.

The topping makes the difference

In order to enjoy frozen yoghurt as a healthy ice cream alternative, you should pay attention to the choice of toppings. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and mango in particular sweeten the low-calorie yoghurt. Chocolate , crunch  , chocolate lentils or  biscuits  should be avoided.

Frozen yogurt can certainly be consumed as a healthier alternative to ice cream – but it is advisable to use natural, fresh frozen yogurt and healthy toppings.

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