Inflamed mosquito bite: This helps against itching

Mosquitoes spoil mild summer evenings, barbecues together or relaxing walks in the woods. Mosquito repellent and long clothing are often not enough. The insects bite, often causing inflammation or  itching . This will relieve swelling, redness and itching.

1. Cooling the mosquito bite

In addition to cold packs, vinegar water or  healing earth are also suitable . In the pharmacy you will also find special vinegar tablets, which can be dissolved in cold water.

Cold compresses can help reduce inflammation and stop itching. Caution: Never place cold packs or ice cubes on the affected area without protection. This can lead to frostbite of the skin.

2. Mosquito bite: A pen can help

Pens for applying heat to the mosquito bite can be bought in drugstores or pharmacies. The products reach a temperature between 45 and 60 degrees Celsius. From this temperature, the proteins that get under the skin with the mosquito saliva should be broken down and the itching stopped. These proteins are often the trigger of an allergic reaction.

Caution: In individual cases,  burns  can occur, alternatives should be used, especially in children.

3. Ointments and gel for mosquito bites

Over-the-counter gels and ointments help with mosquito bites. They usually contain  antihistamines that relieve the itching. Ointments and gels with a menthol solution (1 percent) or hydrocortisone can also help.

In the event of severe reactions, the general practitioner should be contacted. Prescription ointments with glucocorticoids or tablets usually help.

4. Mosquito patch against itching

You can also buy mosquito plasters in free trade. According to the manufacturers, these patches can reduce itching and reduce swelling. They are suitable for children and adults. The effect is to be achieved by a purely mechanical effect. The grid-shaped mosquito patch slightly lifts the first layer of skin, which can reduce the consequences of the mosquito bite. More detailed information and scientific studies have not yet been found.

The plaster should last up to seven days and can also be worn while  showering  .

5. Home remedies for mosquito bites

Simple home remedies can also disinfect or cool the sting:

  • Sliced ​​onion
  • Aloe Vera  Gel
  • Plantain sap
  • Cabbage leaf juice
  • Quarkwickel


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