Insider tip lemon water: The healthy weight loss aid

Insider tip lemon water: The healthy weight loss aid
Lemon is often combined with the spicy superfoods ginger or turmeric – but the citrus fruit is also a real immune booster and a great weight loss aid on its own. Lemon water in particular is a real all-rounder!

Lemon water is a real all-rounder and easy to prepare: wash a  lemon  with hot water, cut into quarters or slices, squeeze out a little and pour in a liter of water. Lemon water can be drunk with the grated zest – but be careful with organic lemons. Depending on your taste, the drink can be refined with mint or, for example, cold raspberries.

Lose weight with lemon water

Lemon water as a light weight loss aid: It promotes digestion, neutralizes acid, detoxifies and boosts the metabolism. Lemon peel in particular contains many polyphenols, which are responsible for the body’s fat burning genes.

The refreshing effect of lemon provides energy and a good mood during diet and exercise.

Lemon water: A real all-rounder

Lemon contains plenty  of vitamin C  and antioxidants, helps the body and strengthens the immune system. How the lemon supports our body:

  1. Lemon water cleanses the body:  It is best to drink lemon water on an empty stomach before breakfast. The water promotes the  detox process in the body, has a diuretic effect and thus prevents kidney stones.
  2. Lemon water supports  stomach and intestines :  Lemon water promotes digestion and is   recommended for flatulence after meals. Lemon water also helps with intestinal regeneration and ensures a calm, healthy intestine.
  3. Beautiful skin thanks to lemon water:  the antioxidants and vitamin C in lemon prevent  pimples  and skin impurities. In addition, the active ingredients in the lemon bind free radicals that are responsible for skin aging – natural anti-aging with lemon water.
  4. Lemon water as an energy booster: Lemons put you  in a good mood every day. Especially the fresh scent and the sparkling effect of the water refresh body and soul. Tip against  migraines : A dash of lemon in the espresso can prevent headaches.
  5. Lemon water strengthens the immune system:  The vitamin C in  lemons strengthens the immune system  and prevents colds. Vitamin C also supports our body during illness and can contribute to the healing process.

Lemon water is easy to integrate into everyday life, tastes fruity and refreshes body and soul. So there is nothing wrong with a glass of lemon water in the morning or with meals.


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