irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable  bowel syndrome , also known as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS for short, is harmless but uncomfortable. Affected people usually suffer significantly from symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract such as abdominal pain, feeling of fullness, flatulence, diarrhea or  constipation. After serious diseases such as stomach ulcers or colon cancer, liver diseases or celiac disease have been ruled out, those affected with irritable bowel syndrome are often not taken seriously. Drug treatment does not always work and usually only relieves the symptoms. In general, those affected should pay particular attention to their diet. Homeopathic remedies, massages, peppermint oil and a high-fiber diet with sufficient fluid intake can be helpful. Sport is also important for a well-functioning digestive system. It is also important to avoid stress because the psyche and the gastrointestinal tract are closely related. Important information about irritable bowel syndrome can be found here.

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