Is daily showering unhealthy?

Is daily showering unhealthy?

For many people, daily showering is a ritual. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the morning or in the evening, we usually shower every day. But how healthy is the daily shower for the skin?

An unusual trend has been circulating in Hollywood and social media for some time. With “non-bathing”, also known as cleansing, you should only shower about once a week. This is intended to protect the natural skin barrier and promote the natural regeneration of the skin.

How does the daily shower affect the skin?

As the body’s largest organ, the skin fulfills various functions – the natural protective barrier is particularly important. It prevents potential pathogens, such as germs or bacteria, from entering the body.

The acid mantle of the skin forms a natural defense system. He exposes himself from a light film

  • water
  • Fett
  • Sebum
  • parts of the corneocytes
  • and  sweat

together. Together with certain bacteria, the protective acid mantle forms a healthy skin flora and the basis of a natural defence. Aggressive bacteria, harmful germs or  fungi  find it difficult to multiply in this environment.

However, daily  showering  can damage this natural protection. Because water in combination with  soap  or shower gel lifts the healthy barrier by breaking down sebum, fat and sweat and “washing” them out of the top layer of skin.

Taking a shower makes the skin more permeable and thus offers a target for germs and bacteria. The frequent use of care products can also attack bacteria, which are responsible for maintaining a healthy skin flora.

How unhealthy is the daily shower?

How healthy or unhealthy daily showering is cannot be scientifically proven, as the effects differ depending on skin type and other environmental influences.

This is what the possible consequences of the daily shower look like:

  • dry, irritated or itchy skin
  • allergic reactions from perfumed care products
  • Contamination of the skin by heavy metals and pollutants in the water or in care products
  • Destruction of the natural skin flora due to frequent showering and antibacterial soaps

Various influences determine whether daily showering is necessary. Anyone who sweats little in everyday life and tends to have dry and irritated skin should avoid daily showers.

In the case of physical work and daily sport, on the other hand, it is advisable to shower off the sweat with a mild soap in a short shower. Skin and environment are happy about short showers.

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