Just in time for World Water Day: Check out the 3 drinking myths

Just in time for World Water Day: Check out the 3 drinking myths

March 22 has been the United Nations World Water Day since 1993 and aims to highlight the awareness and value of water. There are also some myths about the most important commodity on earth. Water is so healthy, it helps you lose weight and you should pay attention to this when drinking it.

Humans are made up of up to 70 percent water and need regular fluid intake. There are a few myths surrounding water and the body, three of which will be examined here.

Myth 1: Water as a fat burner – Drinking it helps you lose weight

Water alone will not help you lose weight, but it can aid in the dieting process. Water promotes digestion and, for example, compensates for fluid loss during  diets  or exercise. It has no calories whatsoever.

Tip:  Squeezed organic lemons in water taste refreshing. They provide  vitamin C  and minerals. The lemon water is therefore well suited as a healthy drink after exercise and is a low-calorie alternative to soft drinks or fruit juices.

Myth 2: Too much water is harmful

Increased fluid intake can have negative consequences for the body: Too much water changes the electrolyte balance and can result in water intoxication. Water is ingested through both food and drink, so about one and a half liters of water per day is sufficient.

In summer or when exercising, more water should be drunk. Care should be taken to replenish the lost electrolytes with the help of isotonic drinks. In addition, water should be consumed in small amounts and at longer intervals in order not to overstrain the body during physical activity.

Myth 3: Still water is healthier than sparkling water

Still water is basically no different from sparkling water. However, sparkling water can cause  stomach pain , bloating, and  gas in some people  . Depending on your preference, you can drink carbonated or non-carbonated water.

Water does not always have to be drunk pure: water is also good for health as a tea or together with fruits such as lemons or raspberries.

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