Kalmeda® tinnitus app: effective help on prescription

Kalmeda® tinnitus app: effective help on prescription

Tinnitus can be highly stressful for those affected, as the noise in the ears causes stress and impairs the quality of life. The Kalmeda ® tinnitus app can offer practical help. The app enables mobile treatment – conveniently in your own four walls – and can thus help control tinnitus. The effect of the app has been scientifically confirmed. Find out below exactly how the app works, how to get it and what else you should know about it.

How can an app help with tinnitus?

Whistling, buzzing, humming or hammering: the noise is there; it won’t go away or keep coming back. Around 19 million people in Germany have had tinnitus at some point, and around 340,000 contract it every year.

Anyone familiar with the ringing in the ears knows how annoying tinnitus can be, especially if the noise lasts for a long time. Chronic tinnitus creates stress and can rob sufferers of sleep. The problem with this is that stress is often the – or one of the – triggers for tinnitus, so the condition becomes self-perpetuating. Cognitive behavioural therapy can help relieve symptoms. This therapy is the only guideline-based form of treatment for chronic tinnitus. 1 But psychologists and psychotherapists who deal with the topic of tinnitus and corresponding therapy places are rare – waiting times of several months are not uncommon. Therefore, many of those affected are confronted with the fear that they can no longer be helped.

This is where the Kalmeda ® Tinnitus App comes into play. The app enables those affected to treat themselves from home by using modern technologies. The therapeutic content and exercises were developed with ENT doctors and psychologists. Important issues such as data security and user-friendliness were checked as part of the approval process.

How does the therapy with the Kalmeda ® Tinnitus app work?

After installing the tinnitus app on the smartphone and creating a user account, details on the symptoms (intensity of the tinnitus, interval, type of noise, etc.) and possible triggers are queried using a short questionnaire. Based on the answers, an exercise program tailored specifically to the person concerned’s needs is created.

The user then goes through five levels, each with nine stages. The individual stages systematically build on each other and thus convey step by step how life with tinnitus can be improved through cognitive behavioural therapy. Those affected can set themselves goals that they want to achieve.

Cognitive behavioural therapy in five modules

The causes of tinnitus are varied. A few of the possible triggers are ear diseases, problems in the tooth and jaw area, or medication side effects. Tinnitus is often caused by psychological stress, such as stress or depression. In many of those affected, no trigger can be identified at all.

Cognitive behavioural therapy can help you better manage chronic tinnitus regardless of the trigger. That is why the basis of the Kalmeda ® tinnitus app is cognitive behavioural therapy. This should be used to adapt behaviour and thought patterns to “de-stress” life with tinnitus. Harmful thoughts reinforcing the “vicious circle of tinnitus” are replaced by helpful thought patterns.

Cognitive behavioural therapy consists of five components:

  1. Attention control:  The attitude towards the tinnitus decides whether and to what extent it is perceived as a burden. The app helps to become aware of this.
  2. Relaxation:  Relaxation is a key to coping with tinnitus. The app provides appropriate techniques.
  3. Self-efficacy:  Mindfulness exercises for everyday life help direct one’s thoughts and perceive feelings more consciously and without judgment.
  4. Acceptance:  The app helps to learn a new attitude towards the situation. This makes it easier to live with the tinnitus.
  5. Mindfulness:  An increase in mindfulness allows you to focus more on your needs and motives, leading to more meaningfulness and vitality.

With Kalmeda ® cognitive behavioural therapy, a solution is available for patients for the first time, free of charge and accessible to anyone with a tablet or smartphone.


The latest study results confirm the high effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy.

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy in treating tinnitus. 2 The latest study results confirm that Kalmeda ® significantly reduces tinnitus stress. 3

The conclusion: Compared to test persons who had received no or other therapeutic measures, the quality of life of the participants who underwent cognitive behavioural therapy improved significantly during the study period. Positive effects on depressive moods were also found.

ENT specialist Dr Uso Walter summarizes the results: “The study proves for the first time that behavioural therapy that is available at any time and is reimbursed by health insurance companies has a highly significant effect on patients with chronic tinnitus.”

What else does the app offer?

A knowledge library supplements the cognitive behavioural therapy lasting several months on tinnitus, pleasant background and nature sounds to relax, and guided meditations.

How was the app developed?

The Kalmeda ® tinnitus app is based on scientific guidelines for tinnitus therapy. It was developed with psychologists and ENT doctors to guarantee the best possible treatment according to the highest standards.

The app is registered as a medical device and listed as a digital health application (DiGA).


How to get the app?

The way to get the Kalmeda ® app is straightforward:

  1. During an appointment, the doctor treating you will issue you a prescription for three-month tinnitus therapy with the app.
  2. After submitting it to the health insurance company, you will receive a 16-digit activation code.
  3. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and activate it with the 16-digit code.
  4. Your personal tinnitus therapy can now begin.

Have you already been diagnosed with chronic tinnitus? Then, you can also contact your health insurance company directly and receive the activation code.

The complete therapy is designed for a period of nine to twelve months. The doctor can prescribe the entire period – each for three months. This way, contact with the doctor is maintained, and therapy progress or open questions can be discussed with him. Helpful tips for prescribing can be found here.

Answers to common questions

Below, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about the Kalmeda tinnitus app.

Who bears the costs?

The Kalmeda tinnitus app was listed as the first digital health application in the DiGA directory. The app was thus included in the regular reimbursement of the statutory health insurance companies.

Therefore, the doctor treating you can prescribe the Kalmeda ® tinnitus app. The statutory health insurance company then bears the total costs. No additional payment is necessary.

Some private health insurance companies also reimburse the costs for the app. These include Signal Iduna, Württembergische and Barmenia. For more detailed information, please get in touch with your health insurance company.


What happens after the prescribed therapy period is over?

The doctor can prescribe the Kalmeda ® tinnitus app for twelve months by issuing follow-up prescriptions. You can get the follow-up prescription from your attending ENT doctor. After this period, the app can still be used at a reduced price with the Kalmeda ® PLUS subscription. The app will then cost EUR 29.97 per quarter. The subscription can be cancelled every quarter.

What are the technical requirements?

The Kalmeda ® app can be used on Android or Apple operating system smartphones. Registration and (for Android) a Google account are required to use it. The Kalmeda ® team answers technical questions at [email protected].

Why do I have to create a user account?

Creating a user account in the app is necessary so that the individual therapy progress can be saved and the user can always start at the right point in the therapy process. It is also possible to use the app across devices.


How safe is my data?

Your data will be stored pseudonymously, and their protection is subject to the highest security standards.

Why is it necessary to create a Google account?

With Android operating systems, it is necessary to create a Google account to be able to download the Kalmeda ® Tinnitus app from the Playstore, since the Google Playstore generally requires such an e-mail address. Usually, every Android user has an account in the Google Play Store.

With Kalmeda ® against tinnitus

Based on the latest scientific and technological standards, the Kalmeda ® tinnitus app offers the possibility of individual tinnitus therapy at home or on the go – thanks to reimbursement for most insured persons at no additional cost.

Make an appointment with the doctor, submit the prescription to the health insurance company and get started with your personal tinnitus therapy!

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