Kama Sutra: discovering positions for lesbian couples

As one of the oldest guides to eroticism, the Indian  Kama Sutra offers  a diverse selection of positions. Slight variations of the positions are also suitable for lesbian couples. Even if many people associate the Indian love guide with it in their imagination, it does not only offer complicated positions for those who are active in sports.

The seven-book Kama Sutra was written almost 2,000 years ago in northeastern India. In German, the name means “verses of desire” and the love guide keeps what it promises – not only for the act of love between man and woman. Here you will find Kamasutra positions that bring women more fun and variety in bed.
In the “foreplay from behind” both women kneel on the floor one behind the other. In this position both can caress each other.

When it comes to scissors for lesbian couples, both partners sit in front of each other. One of the two then leans back and supports himself on his hands, one leg is stretched, the other bent. The other woman moves her buttocks close to her partner and slides into the gap between her legs. This creates a lot of closeness in sensitive areas.

In this variant of the 69 position, both partners can enjoy oral sex. One woman lies on her back for this, the other lies on top of her in an inverted position. So both can spoil each other orally.

In the gentle rider position, one of the women lies on her back. Your partner sits with her legs apart at the height of her loins. Then both can stimulate each other with their fingers.

In this position, one of the two women can relax. She lies on her back while her partner caresses her body with fingers and orally.

In this sex position, one of the women lies on her back. Her partner kneels over her face and levitates over it while being pleasured orally or with fingers.

The “classic” aka “missionary position” is also a popular sex position among women. A woman lies on her back and wraps her legs around her partner’s lumbar region as she bends over her. As an alternative to the fingers, a vibrator or dildo can also be used here.

This position is particularly intense for both partners. One of the women lies on her back with her legs slightly apart. Your partner sits on her thigh and can rub it while stroking her partner with her fingers.

In this variation of the classic, similar to the scissors, one woman sits between her partner’s open legs, while the second woman, lying on her back, supports one of her thighs on her partner’s buttocks. The top woman can stimulate her partner with fingers, or use a vibrator or dildo.

Here both partners lie close together, belly to back. In this way, the couple can pamper each other with their fingers and at the same time experience a particularly close relationship.

In this sex position, one of the women lies on her back. Your partner sits on the thighs of the woman below and spoils them with her fingers. Both one and both hands can be used here.

In this sex position, both partners face each other. One of the two puts her leg down on a chair, stool or the bed. The height of the object should depend on the angle at which the leg can be bent comfortably.

The other partner can best spoil her counterpart with her fingers. The intensity of this position can be changed by slight variations in the standing position.

In this sex position, one of the two women kneels down and her partner stands in front of her. The kneeling woman reaches forward and spoils her counterpart with her fingers or orally.

One of the women lies on her back at the “Little Y”. Her partner sits on top of her backwards, supporting herself with her arms and spreading her legs. This forms a Y shape. This sex position offers the bottom woman the opportunity to orally and finger stimulate her partner from a slightly different angle.

In the “erotic V” one of the two women lies on her stomach and opens her legs. The other woman kneels between the open thighs. So she can pamper her lying partner with her fingers. Due to the changed angle, the sex is experienced particularly intensively.

There’s a lot going on in this sex position. A woman lies on her stomach and slightly raises her upper body. The other kneels over her bottom. The upper woman can caress her partner’s breasts and rub herself against her at the same time. The bottom woman can caress her partner in the anal area with one hand.

This sex position is very intense for both partners and at the same time very intimate. Both women lie on their sides facing each other, with one’s feet placed at the level of the other’s head. The back is then arched and the head slides between the partner’s legs. So both women can stimulate each other orally and with their fingers.

In this variant of the classic missionary position, a woman lies on her back or sits on her forearms. This allows the angle to be better influenced. Then she opens her legs, her partner kneels in between and can spoil her counterpart with her fingers or orally.

In this sex position, the front woman supports herself on her knees and forearms. Her partner kneels behind her and cups her bottom with both hands. The woman in front raises her pelvis slightly, with her partner able to support her with her hands. From this position, the woman behind can spoil her counterpart orally.

In this position, both partners sit opposite each other. One of the two women spreads her legs, her partner sits down, also with her legs apart, on her partner’s thigh. So both women can caress each other and keep eye contact particularly well.


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