Learn from the desert folk while drinking

We’ve heard it often enough that you should drink a lot (more) when it’s tropically hot. The fact that warm tea and room temperature mineral water are particularly suitable for this is not exactly a culinary highlight. Nevertheless: We can learn something from the heat experts of the desert, because cool things don’t necessarily cool us the best. On the contrary, it stimulates the body to produce heat.

Drink in time

When Germany is groaning under the tropical heat, doctors have to treat many people with circulatory problems. At temperatures above 30 degrees, the organism has to reduce its body temperature through copious sweating through evaporative cooling.

If you don’t drink again in time and refill the “sweat-out” minerals such as  sodiumpotassium , magnesium or  zinc  , you will get  circulatory problems . And this mainly affects women, whose blood pressure is lower on average.

Enjoy ice cold – better not in summer

However, ice-cold drinks do not help, as they reactively lead to heat production in the body, which in turn is accompanied by additional heavy sweating. Ice-cold drinks can also put a lot of strain on the stomach. Alcoholic beverages, caffeinated tea and coffee  and energy drinks are also unsuitable for drinking the required amount of 2.5 liters and more  .

Coffee and black tea are not thirst quenchers, but luxury foods. They increase the pulse rate and the caffeine also has a sweat-inducing effect. Alcohol also puts a strain on the circulatory system and metabolism. Sugary drinks like cola or lemonade aren’t thirst quenchers anyway, they’re loose. In addition, the calorie content of 400 to 600 kilocalories per liter does not exactly lead to a crisp beach body.

Like the Bedouins

We can learn from the desert people that warm drinks such as fruit tea, which also contain important minerals, continuously stimulate cooling sweat production. In contrast, ice-cold drinks ensure additional heat production in the body, while drinks that are too hot make us sweat too much. If you like it sweet, you should use a calorie-free sweetener for the line. Mineral water at room temperature is also suitable if it contains at least 200 milligrams of sodium and 50 milligrams of magnesium. Drinking water, on the other hand, is relatively low in minerals.

In order to compensate for the loss of salt caused by sweat, it can make sense to add a pinch of salt to your tea or to your vegetables and salad once or twice a day. Anyone who uses fluoridated iodized salt with  folic acid  is also good for the thyroid gland, bones, teeth and blood vessels. Be careful, especially on long car journeys.

It is necessary to take a break every hour or two and drink at least a quarter of a liter of fruit tea with a pinch of salt or mineral water. Otherwise it can lead to dehydration or, in the worst case, even to thrombosis.

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