Lemon Juice Diet

Due to its high vitamin C content,  lemons  are  popular  for strengthening the immune system and as a natural remedy for  colds  . The lemon is also used in cosmetics, for example for hair care or as a remedy for  pimples . As part of the lemon juice diet or lemon juice cure, the yellow fruit should also act as a quick help against excess pounds and help you lose weight. How does the diet work and what are the risks?

What is the Lemon Juice Diet?

Drink lots of lemon juice and lose weight as easily as a feather? The lemon juice diet is said to help you lose several pounds in just a few days. The best-known variant is due to the naturopath Stanley Burroughs. In the 1970s, he developed a lemon juice cure that was actually intended to treat  stomach ulcers  . He called the method the “Master Cleanse Diet”.

According to this method, as part of the lemon juice diet, solid food should be avoided for a few days. This is replaced with a special blend of lemon juice and water, which is said to save calories and boost fat burning in the body.

How does a lemon juice cleanse work?

A lemon juice cure according to the “master cleanse method” traditionally begins with two relief days in which little, low-calorie food is eaten. Solid food is completely avoided during the diet phase itself. Only a mixture of the following ingredients is drunk:

  • 250 milliliters water (still or sparkling)
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • juice  of half a lemon
  • some cayenne pepper

One and a half liters of this mixture are drunk daily for a maximum of ten days. After the ten days have elapsed, you should carefully switch back to a normal diet with light food so as not to overload the circulatory system.

The mixture of these special ingredients is intended to   stimulate the metabolism and promote digestion.

effects of lemon juice

Lemon juice as a useful addition to a balanced diet is quite healthy. The following positive aspects can be associated with lemon juice:

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Lemon essential oil has a mood-enhancing effect
  • protection of cells
  • has a disinfecting effect
  • neutralizes unpleasant odors

Nevertheless, the lemon juice diet has some risks, which are mainly related to the one-sidedness of the cure.

Risks of the Lemon Juice Diet

Experts from medicine and nutritional science see this type of diet as critical and point out that this is more of a  radical way of losing weight  than a healthy and sustainable diet or weight loss method.

Above all, the one-sidedness of the diet can, in the worst case,  have significant  negative consequences for health . If you only consume lemon juice and water for a longer period of time, your body will quickly show a lack of the necessary fats, proteins, various vitamins and dietary fibers.

The high acidity in the juice can also cause problems with a sensitive stomach. If you already have stomach problems, it is better to avoid this form of diet. The lemon juice cure should also not be tried if you have an existing eating disorder or  depression , liver or kidney disease.

In addition to these risks, there can be an undesirable  yo-yo effect  . If you eat normally again after the end of the treatment, you will quickly regain the lost pounds.

Modification of the lemon juice cure

A gentler way of dieting with lemon juice can be a combination of a reduction and a change in diet. Three main meals and two snacks for in between are combined with drinking lemon juice. Alternatively, one of the main meals can be replaced with the lemon juice drink for the specified period of ten days.

To lose weight, a healthy change in diet and sufficient exercise are recommended compared to more radical weight loss methods. Whole grain products, fruit, vegetables, lean meat and fish are permitted for fixed meals. Lemon juice in moderation can be used to support and strengthen the immune system.


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