Lip care in winter

Our lips need careful care to keep them healthy and soft. Extensive lip care is particularly important in winter so that the lips do not become dry, rough or chapped. Because the change from cold temperatures and warm heating air is really hard on them. The corners of the mouth, which often tear in winter, are particularly badly affected. We reveal how you can prevent chapped lips in winter and everything that goes into good lip care.

Our lips need care

Our lips are part of the outer mucous membranes and are therefore particularly sensitive. In contrast to normal skin, they have no sebaceous glands and no fat-water film. As a result, they are less well protected from external influences and are not supplied with fat and moisture.

Since the lips also contain very few color pigments, they are hardly protected from UV radiation. That’s why it’s a good idea to apply sunscreen  to your  lips,  both in summer and in winter when  the weather is nice. It is best to get a special care stick with an integrated sun protection factor.

In winter in particular, it is important that we take care of our lips regularly. If we don’t, they become  cracked, rough and brittle.  This is because the lips are particularly exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations in winter. While it is mostly frosty cold outside, warm but dry heating air prevails inside.

What to do about chapped lips?

To treat chapped lips, you should use special lip care products. These contain substances that repair small broken areas and thereby make the lips smooth again. In addition, they often ensure that the lips are supplied with moisture.

When choosing lip care products, make sure that they are rich in moisturizing substances:

  • Products with  shea butter  or apricot kernel oil are well suited,  as the substances they contain are very similar to the fats in the skin.
  • You can also use care sticks with  almond, olive or jojoba oil without  any worries.
  • Due to their slightly germicidal effect, care products with  beeswax or  zinc are also  recommended.

Some care sticks ensure that the collagen reserves in the lips are replenished. These continue to decrease from around the age of 40. That is why such products are particularly suitable for middle-aged people.

If the lips are not only rough, but cracked or even bleeding, you should initially avoid lip balm. Then it is better to use a cream that promotes healing of the skin. Here you can use ointments with  dexpanthenol  , for example .

First aid for torn corners of the mouth

The corners of the mouth tear particularly often in winter. Bacteria and  fungi can then  easily settle in and cause an infection. To prevent such an infection, creams or pastes with zinc are recommended.

In addition to the cold, cracked corners of the mouth can also be caused by a vitamin B6 or vitamin  B12 deficiency  as well as too little  iron  or zinc. Be sure to have these values ​​clarified if the corners of your mouth tear more frequently.

5 home remedies for chapped, dry lips

Avoid licking your lips in winter. This only dries them out even more. Also, don’t bite your lips. Otherwise, small injuries can occur, through which germs can easily enter the body and cause  inflammation  .

To prevent or treat rough, dry lips, the following home remedies are recommended:

  1. If you are often out and about in winter, apply a thin layer of  fat cream  to your lips beforehand . This protects the lips from drying out.
  2. Give your lips a little massage every week .  The best way to do this is to gently rub your lips with a soft toothbrush. In this way, dead skin cells can be effectively removed. Then apply a good lip balm. 
  3. Instead of lip balm, you can also simply spread some honey  on your lips  and leave it on overnight.  Be careful not to lick the honey with  your tongue . 
  4. Apply a thick layer of care cream  to your lips, especially at night  – this way they can regenerate overnight.
  5. Milking fat  is also  well suited for the care of chapped lips in winter. However, make sure that you use a product without Vaseline.

2 recipes for lip care

Good lip balm is often easy to make yourself. We give you two practical recipes:

  1. Honey Quark Mask:  Mix a spoonful of quark with a spoonful of honey and then apply the mass thickly to the lips. After 10 minutes you can carefully wash off the mixture with a little lukewarm water.
  2. Olive oil  for the night:  Put a few drops of olive oil on your lips every night before bed. This keeps them soft and supple.

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