Lose weight easily – the 13 best weight loss tips

Have you decided to declare war on bacon? Here are the top 13 tips and tricks that can help you lose weight more easily. All tips are easy to implement at home and can be easily integrated into everyday life. But please note: If you want to lose weight and keep it off in the long term, you should permanently change your lifestyle to a healthy diet – combined with more exercise. However, the weight loss tips below can help make this journey easier.

1. No hunger – no food

Hunger is a signal from the body that has been overridden for many. Eating is often not controlled by hunger, but by the time of day. Who doesn’t know this: Punctually at 12.00 p.m., it doesn’t matter whether you’re hungry or not, you go to the table to indulge in a sumptuous meal. But if you want to stay slim and lose weight better, you should listen to your body’s signals and only eat when you’re really hungry.

2. Eat slowly

Once hunger has gripped you and the meal is just around the corner, many people find it difficult to control themselves. An oversized portion disappears from the plate into your mouth at breathtaking speed. The consequences can – in the truest sense of the word – be serious. Because eating faster leads to more food intake beyond the saturation point.

Not only does this lead to an uncomfortable feeling of fullness, it can also cause the scale to skyrocket. No hasty looping is therefore the motto. Chew each bite thoroughly and take small breaks during the meal. Even if you have already had enough food, it takes a little time before you feel full.

3. Drink, drink, drink

A growling stomach and an empty feeling in the stomach are well-known situations for people who diet frequently. Drinking enough can bring relief here. A glass of carbonated water before a meal fills you up because the carbon dioxide bound in the water is released. Due to the increase in volume, the stomach walls are stretched and a feeling of satiety occurs, so that eating less is no longer a problem.

However, people who are prone to  flatulence  or gastrointestinal problems should be careful not to overload their stomachs with too many carbonated drinks.

4. Save calories for the party

In order not to have to spend the weekend in a bad mood and only yearn for the party buffet from afar, it makes sense to save a few extra calories the week before a party or invitation. This saving creates a buffer for a few tidbits on the meal plan promised by the Saturday night invite. However, the calorie renunciation should be done in moderation, under no circumstances should a “starvation diet” be carried out.

5. Exercise is the best fat burner

There is no way around regular fitness training when losing weight. A lot of physical exercise increases calorie and energy consumption and fat disappears. Another advantage: through sport, muscle mass is built. A firm, muscular stomach not only looks better, an increase in muscle mass also means an increase in basal metabolic rate. Unlike fat, muscles consume energy even when they are not in use.

So that putting on sports clothes is also worthwhile, a sports unit should last at least 30 minutes and be carried out three times a week if possible. If you carry too many pounds around with you, choosing the right sport is crucial. Walking or  water aerobics  protect the spine and joints.

6. Drink properly

Namely water and no alcohol or  juice . Certain drinks put a strain on the energy balance. If you like to eat, you should make sure that you drink energy-free or low-energy drinks. A glass of juice or lemonade should not be underestimated in terms of calories. If you drink half a liter of juice with your usual meal, you will gain weight easily.

Alcoholic beverages should only be consumed in moderation. 1 gram of alcohol has an energy content of 7 kilocalories (29.3 kilojoules). In comparison: 1 gram of fat provides 9 kilocalories (37.7 kilojoules). If you still don’t want to do without a glass of wine and still want to continue drinking juice instead of spritzer, you should save calories when eating so that you don’t gain a few pounds by drinking.

7. Too little sleep makes you fat

Slim while you sleep : When you sleep, your body is in full swing and a lot of energy is used. Fixed night rest periods are just as necessary for this as an adequate amount of sleep.

Researchers suspect a connection in the fact that fluctuations in the sleep-wake cycle could also influence the production of hormones that control the feeling of hunger and satiety. In addition, during sleep the muscles probably consume more glucose, while  proteins  are also used when there is a lack of sleep.

8. Bans are made to be broken

Anything that is forbidden has a special appeal, and this is especially true when it comes to food. If you  completely eliminate chocolate  and  biscuits from your diet, you will develop a ravenous hunger  after a while   that will shake all good resolutions. Once the craving for chocolate has overwhelmed you, there is no stopping it – with the result that you don’t eat a piece of chocolate, but a whole bar. To prevent this, it is better to occasionally eat a bar or a few pieces of chocolate with pleasure.

9. Vanilla fragrance against cravings for sweets

This weight loss tip is a little more unconventional: the sweet scent of  vanilla  is said to help resist the temptations in the candy aisle. Vanilla scented oil or a candle with vanilla aroma should increase the stamina of a reduction diet and help to withstand the craving for sweet sins. Cinnamon is also a helpful spice  . This can lower blood sugar levels.

10. Chili makes you slim

Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which is responsible for the hot  taste  . It causes the body to generate heat and thus increases energy expenditure. In addition, Australian researchers were able to prove in animal experiments that capsaicin has a positive effect on the insulin level – if this falls quickly, a feeling of hunger arises. Spicy food could therefore help with weight loss.

11. Vegetables and fruits are a must on the diet plan

If you want to lose weight and want to maintain the weight you have laboriously starved yourself to, vegetables and fruit should not be missing from your menu. The crunchy delicacies contain many vitamins,  minerals  and secondary plant substances. Most vegetables and fruits are mostly made up of water and therefore have only a low energy content. With vegetables and fruit you can also eat your fill when losing weight. Berries , papaya,  tomatoes  or  chard are particularly low in calories  .

12. Fiber fills you up

Dietary fiber  fills you up well and lasts a long time. They can bind large amounts of water, causing them to swell and are therefore particularly filling. A tablespoon of grain bran mixed into the  yogurt  will help keep you full longer. Important: Anyone who eats a lot of roughage must drink plenty of fluids, otherwise digestive problems are inevitable.

13. Only go to the supermarket when you’re full

If you go shopping hungry, you can be sure that you will find things in your shopping trolley that are not actually on the menu. So don’t shop until after you’ve eaten. With a well-filled stomach, it is easier to withstand the numerous gourmets.

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