Low purine foods

Purines are found in a wide variety of foods. Since purine is converted into uric acid in the body, it makes sense, especially in the case of certain diseases such as  gout  , to ensure that foods low in purine are consumed. But which foods are low in purine? So which ones are recommended if uric acid levels are too high? Find out here!

What foods are low in purines?

Purine is found in many foods such as meat and animal products. But some vegetables and fruits are also rich in purine. There are a variety of foods that are low in purine and are therefore preferable when  uric acid levels  are elevated. Plant-based foods in particular are to be preferred in a low-purine diet. In the following photo series, we will show you which foods are particularly low in purines.

milk and milkproducts

Not only are milk  and dairy products low in purine, but their purine content is zero. Milk, yoghurt, quark, cream cheese and butter can therefore be consumed without hesitation in the event of elevated uric acid levels, as they contain no purine. Dairy products also provide the body with calcium, which is important for bones.


Eggs  are also  a low-purine food. A chicken egg contains only five purines, which is very little. That’s why eggs can be eaten without hesitation if you have gout.

fruit and vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are safe to eat fresh or frozen on a low-purine diet. Bananas , citrus fruits, melons, stone and berries, white cabbage, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and leaf salads are particularly recommended  . Onions can also be eaten without hesitation if the uric acid levels are high. Canned fruit with sugar and canned vegetables with salt should be avoided. Vegetables and dried fruit pickled in lactic acid, on the other hand, are suitable for a low-purine diet.

root vegetable

Root vegetables, fennel, tuber vegetables and  potatoes  are very low in purines and can be eaten in any quantity if you have gout. The use of vegetable oils in the preparation is also not a problem for gout patients.

For those who have to watch their uric acid levels, rice and all types of grain are cheap on the menu. Ideally, whole grain varieties should be used, as they contain more  nutrients  and keep you full for longer.

nuts and almonds

Nuts  and almonds are good for people with gout who should be on a low-purine diet because of high uric acid levels,  as they hardly contain any purines. Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and nut butter are ideal and can also be used as a delicious spread. Linseed and sunflower seeds may also be on the menu from time to time. Poppy seeds are less favorable because they contain a lot of purines.


If you have to make sure that you eat as little purine as possible because of gout, unsweetened mueslis and cereal flakes are suitable. Together with berries and milk or  yoghurt  they make a healthy, tasty and filling breakfast.


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