Lupus erythematosus – living with SLE

Lupus erythematosus - living with SLE
    •  There is often a vicious circle with lupus: the joint pain and fatigue prevent those affected from moving – which in turn leads to weight gain, loss of strength and fitness. Therefore, people with lupus must exercise sufficiently and regularly (everyday life, sports, physiotherapy). This is the only way to avoid or delay the consequences of lupus disease.

      Mental distress from lupus

      The psychological factors should not be underestimated: fears and stress can have a direct and indirect influence on the course of the disease. Conversely, it is a great challenge and often very difficult for those affected to accept the diagnosis of lupus with all its limitations.

      Therefore, psychological measures such as behavioural therapybiofeedback and autogenic training can noticeably positively affect the quality of life of those affected by lupus. Self-help groups can also help to manage lupus.


      Lupus: Diet and SLE

      There are few meaningful studies on the influence of diet on the course of the disease. However, there are always cases where a change in diet has improved lupus symptoms.

      In particular, a whole-food diet with no milk and egg products and little and low-fat animal products is described as positive in the case of lupus disease. On the other hand, strict diets or crash cures are not recommended.

      Lupus: the pill and pregnancy

      It is not recommended to take the pill, as hormones can promote a flare-up of lupus.

      If you are planning a pregnancy, you should discuss this with your doctor. Pregnancy with lupus is possible today in many cases, but it means an increased risk for the mother and child. It must, therefore, be carefully planned and monitored. In addition, medication must be adjusted.


      Avoid too much sunlight.

      Since UV light often promotes lupus flare-ups, sunbathing should be avoided if you have lupus. In any case, it is essential to use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

      Drugs that can trigger SLE should be discontinued or replaced by others in consultation with the doctor.

      prognosis in lupus

      Lupus erythematosus cannot be cured. This means that the person affected has to come to terms with their illness. This is all the more difficult as the course of lupus is unpredictable. One possible consolation is that today, with early and consistent lupus therapy, the prognosis is many times better than it used to be.

      Those affected die most frequently from severe infections (as a result of immunosuppressive therapy). The more pronounced and diverse the lupus symptoms are at the beginning of the disease, and the more organs (especially the kidneys and the central nervous system) are affected, the more critical the prognosis is.

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