Many women are dissatisfied with love life

Many women are dissatisfied with love life

Many women wish for a better love relationship. This resulted from evaluating an Internet survey by the Information Center for Sexuality and Health (ISG). Accordingly, only every fourth woman (25.9 per cent) is satisfied with her sex life. For around 70 per cent of those surveyed, the desire for sexual activity does not correspond to their ideas.

Internet survey of women

Two-thirds of the women (67.7 per cent) state that they do not know whether their partner is satisfied with their erotic behaviour. Over 82 per cent would like to change something in their sex life. Two thousand two hundred fifteen women between the ages of 15 and 90 took part in the survey, which lasted one and a half years. The average age was 35.5 years.

Except for the under-20s age group, half of whom are satisfied with their love life, sexual dissatisfaction does not appear to be related to age. For example, 82.3 per cent of 20 to 29-year-olds say they have some problems in their sexual relationship. Among the 50 to 59-year-olds, it is 86.5 per cent.


Sexual satisfaction in the partnership

“Although the results are not representative because the survey does not take sociodemographic parameters into account, they do show a general problem that threatens love life and thus mutual satisfaction in the partnership,” says Dr Michael Berner, Member of the ISG Board of Directors. He specifically points to the connection between sexual satisfaction and talking about the subject.

“Women’s problems are very different and range from pain during sexual intercourse (34.1 per cent) to difficulties having an orgasm (68.1 per cent) and reduced desire due to negative environmental influences such as stress (70.5 per cent). A possible solution is, however, requires that those affected talk openly about it with their partner or a doctor, which usually happens too little or not at all.”

Speechlessness of men and women

The phenomenon of speechlessness in the face of sexual problems is also known in men who have erectile dysfunction. Experts estimate that their number in Germany is around six million. But only three to four out of ten people affected openly address the issue with their partner or doctor and can hope for effective and low-risk treatment.


Contact point ISG

The ISG has been supporting men and women with sexual problems for around five years. The background to the educational work of the information centre founded on the initiative of doctors and scientists are research results in which a satisfactory love relationship has a positive effect on health. Those seeking advice can obtain information online or contact the telephone service directly. As an encouragement for partnership dialogues about sexual desires and needs, the ISG has created a brochure entitled “Love Keeps You Healthy”.


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