Mild omicron course: That’s why the variant should not be underestimated!

The Omicron wave hits Germany and other European countries. The number of new infections is increasing – vaccinated and recovered people are also infected with the highly contagious variant. You are usually protected from severe corona courses by omicron, but an infection can still put a strain on the body. Why even a mild and moderate course should not be underestimated.

Anyone who classifies the Omicron variant as a  flu  or a severe cold is wrong. The corona mutation also poses health risks for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

Omicron variant – even a mild course should be taken seriously

It is undisputed that a corona vaccination can protect against severe courses and hospitalizations. Many vaccinated and recovered people tend to underestimate the omicron variant and its consequences. A mild course is often spoken of, but very few people are aware of what a mild or moderate course can mean.

The World Health Organization (WHO) therefore urges caution: Even a mild or moderate course can put those affected out of action for several weeks.

An asymptomatic infection progresses without symptoms or symptoms, but how the infection can have long-term effects has not yet been sufficiently studied.

A mild to moderate course often includes the following symptoms:

The symptoms usually last about a week, but can last for several weeks in those affected. In addition to the health consequences, isolation also has a negative effect on mental well-being. In addition, even those who are ill show signs of long-COVID after a mild course.

Severe disease is defined as severe  pneumonia  . The corona infection is then noticeable on X-rays, the oxygen saturation is less than 90 percent.

Even if the Omikron variant can be milder, distance rules, regular corona tests and the obligation to wear a mask should still be observed in order to avoid possible sources of infection.

Omicron variant – continue to protect risk groups

Risk groups and older people in particular suffer more from health problems and symptoms. Although the risk of hospitalization can be reduced by vaccination, no one is prepared for a severe course. Anyone who tries to become infected with Omikron or takes AHA rules and contact restrictions lightly is not only endangering themselves, but also those around them. People who cannot be vaccinated due to previous illnesses or who do not build up sufficient vaccination protection must also continue to be protected.

Unload the system

Anyone who is infected can spread the virus. Important groups of people, such as medical staff, are particularly at risk of becoming infected. If a large part of the medical staff falls ill, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the health system.

Despite a mild course in an individual, the consequences for the general public should not be underestimated and can be more serious than expected.


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