Moderna: Combined vaccine against corona and flu planned

The next step against viral diseases: pharmaceutical manufacturer Moderna is already planning next year with a combination vaccine against COVID-19 and flu.

Moderna’s combination vaccine is currently in preclinical development. The first test phases are to follow.

mRNA-1073: Combination vaccine against flu and corona

In the fight against  Corona  , Moderna plans to use a booster vaccine against  SARS-CoV-2 , which should be available from autumn 2022. The vaccine could be combined with a flu vaccine in the future.

According to information from the Tagesschau, Moderna boss Stephane Bancel expects a combined vaccination as early as autumn 2023. The aim is to increase vaccination readiness and to reduce the number of individual vaccinations against various respiratory diseases.

Vaccination against RS virus in phase 2 study

While adults had to struggle with COVID-19 in autumn and winter, infants and young children were particularly likely to develop respiratory diseases caused by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The RS virus can lead to serious illnesses and even death, especially in the youngest.

The vaccine development against the RS virus is currently in the phase 2 study. In the future, the vaccine will also be tested on small children.

Moderna does not rule out the development of a triple vaccine against corona,  flu  and the RS virus.


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