More corona infections with high pollen levels

The pollen load is already particularly high thanks to the early bloomers. Pollen count not only promotes hay fever – Munich researchers have now shown that the number of corona infections increases with increasing pollen levels.

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), together with an international team, have discovered that high levels of pollen promote an increased number of corona infections. The authors examined the association between SARS-CoV-2 infections and pollen levels in 130 regions from 31 countries across five continents. Environmental factors (temperature, humidity), demographics, population density and a possible lockdown were included in the study.

Pollen count weakens the immune system

The body reacts weaker to viruses that affect the respiratory tract, especially in people with allergies. The body produces less antiviral interferons and thus lowers its own  defences .

People from risk groups are therefore advised to wear FFP2 masks or comparable masks if they have an increased pollen load.

The severity of the lockdown and the number of pollen count

The results showed a correlation between daily corona infection numbers and pollen counts in countries with and without lockdown.

The study states that in some cities where 500 pollen per cubic meter were measured, the infection rate also increased by more than 20 percent. With an increased pollen count of 100 per cubic meter, the number of infections in countries without a lockdown increased by four percent.

The lockdown had a positive effect on the number of corona infections despite the pollen count. With a comparable pollen concentration, the number of infections was only half.

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