Natural cosmetics – beauty from nature

More and more women are turning to selected organic products to care for their bodies and faces. Organic is clearly in trend, and there is no sign of the organic cosmetics wave breaking off. No wonder, because our skin loves to be gently cared for with natural raw materials. Natural cosmetics have been available on the market for many years. In the past decades, certain customer groups were mainly interested in natural cosmetics, but in recent years there has been a real rush to organic cosmetics. The new awareness of body care with organic products has also made itself felt in the industry: numerous companies offer cosmetics that bear the name organic or eco.

Are organic cosmetics really organic?

But be careful, not everything that says organic is actually organic. Important to know: Natural cosmetics are not defined by law and there is no binding uniform seal of quality.

On the other hand, a lot of organic quality seals invented by the industry adorn various cosmetics and care products, which can easily be misleading when shopping. Instead of ingredients from controlled organic cultivation, these products often contain a hodgepodge of chemicals.

Seal of quality in organic cosmetics

However, over the past few years, seals have also been created that are trustworthy and correspond to the original idea of ​​​​organic cosmetics, from the cultivation of the raw materials to the processing of the ingredients.

This includes the “NaTrue” quality seal from the Body Care and Detergent Industry Association and the “Controlled Natural Cosmetics” seal from the Federal Association of German Industrial and Commercial Companies.

“EcoCert”, a French organization dedicated to the control and certification of ecological products, is also a high-quality feature of organic cosmetics.

Das Plus and Biocosmetics

Because “real” organic care is characterized by two plus points: thanks to selected raw materials, this cosmetic is  better tolerated  by our skin than conventional products – at the same time it is  more environmentally friendly.  The traditional manufacturers of natural cosmetics guarantee that neither has nature been overexploited, nor have animal experiments been carried out for the cosmetics. So organic care is not only active for the balance of our skin but also for our environment.

Gentle care guaranteed

Our skin is  exposed to stress every day due to harmful environmental influences and our lifestyle  . And although the skin is our largest organ and has its own defense against foreign bodies, it needs gentle handling and gentle care. Many of the chemicals contained in conventional cosmetics, on the other hand, also damage the skin.

With the appropriate organic care, on the other hand, the natural activity of our skin can be revitalized and supported. Above all, one thing should not be forgotten: Our skin also absorbs substances from the outside, which it then transports into our body. One more reason to pay attention to what exactly we put on our skin.

Organic cosmetics: Free from chemicals?

Organic care claims to be completely free of chemicals. The following substances are taboo as ingredients for natural cosmetics:

  • Paraffin
  • glycerin
  • synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives
  • Silicone
  • Benzylalkohol

Preservatives in particular are known to be the culprits in triggering  allergies  . In addition, the chemical additives can clog the pores and attack the skin’s own protective barrier.

But you should be aware that care products without chemicals also have a shorter shelf life. So that you can enjoy your natural cosmetics for a long time, it is helpful to learn how to use a spatula instead of reaching into the cream with your own fingers. Then the risk of getting dirt into the cream is relatively high – due to the lack of chemical preservatives, the cream could then quickly “tip over” and would no longer be usable.

Allergies are not excluded

Another tip for dealing with organic care products: Even if natural cosmetics are kind to the skin, allergies can occasionally occur. The skin can also react directly to the natural raw materials and plant extracts.

You can first apply a small amount of the new care product to the crook of your arm, where the skin is thin and sensitive. If there are no noticeable reactions on the skin after about 24 hours, you can assume that the cosmetics are well tolerated by you.

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