Nutrient Deficiency Test: Am I well supplied?

A nutrient deficiency occurs when the body is not supplied with enough nutrients over a long period of time, it cannot absorb them properly or when the need is increased. There can be various reasons for this: an unbalanced diet, stress, taking medication or chronic diseases are just a few of the possible causes. If the body is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients, deficiency symptoms can arise, which can manifest themselves in the form of a wide variety of symptoms.

This test will help you find out if you are getting enough nutrients. Please choose the answer that best applies to you.

Please note that this test can only provide you with initial indications of whether a nutrient deficiency could be present. However, it is not suitable for diagnosing an undersupply of nutrients. If you suspect a nutrient deficiency, you should seek medical advice and have your supply status determined with a blood test and appropriate laboratory tests.


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