Onset of winter: Five sports in snow and ice

Onset of winter: Five sports in snow and ice

Despite the onset of winter, snow, ice and cold, you don’t have to do without sport in the fresh air and in nature. Endurance training, moderate training and shorter intervals are also possible in winter! You can find five tips for sporting variety in winter here!

1. Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is the perfect alternative to jogging or cycling. Skiing is considered effective endurance training and can be practiced both in the local park and in the forest. In many regions there are also special trails for cross-country skiers.

Cross-country skiing consists of two different styles: skating and classic. The classic style is suitable for beginners. The focus here is on smooth gliding, which is promoted by the technique of the diagonal step. A use of the stick with the left hand is simultaneously accompanied by an explosive push-off with the right foot and vice versa.

Tip: Many sports shops rent cross-country skiing equipment via Click & Collect. You will often receive useful tips from the experts when you pick them up.

2. Winter hiking

Snow-covered forests and smaller mountains are ideal for winter hiking. Some regions also advertise special winter hiking trails. Depending on the snow conditions, sturdy hiking boots and thick socks are sufficient; special snowshoes are recommended for deep snow. The right clothing (onion method), hiking poles, backpack and a warm cup of  tea  are also helpful companions for winter hiking.

As moderate endurance training, winter hiking can promote the cardiovascular system and strengthen the  immune  system. Especially when  the weather is nice  after a lot of snowfall, longer tours ensure a clear head and plenty of time in nature.

3. Ice skating

Ice skating is particularly popular in cold temperatures on lakes and smaller streams and rivers. The sport promotes coordinative abilities and skills. Feet should be next to each other so that the heels are almost touching at the back and apart at the front. Alternate loading of the left and right foot creates a gliding motion with a little practice. If skating is too boring for you, you can grab a puck and hockey stick and try your hand at  ice hockey  or practice your first turns with runners under your feet.

Danger! Skating on frozen water can be dangerous if the ice is too thin. The water police provide information about the possibilities. Larger frozen puddles in fields and meadows are also suitable as a surface for skating.

4. Tobogganing and sledging

Winter fun for young and old: When there is enough snow, there is always a small mountain nearby. From the classic wooden sled to the plate sled and the bobsled – various sleds now ensure tobogganing fun. Going uphill can promote endurance, while tobogganing itself, depending on the route, can release endorphins or  adrenaline  .

Tip: You can find the right sled under Click & Collect in local shops or on the Internet.

5. Ski touring

Endurance training for alpine skiers: ski tours are particularly suitable in regions with ski areas and mountains. The tours require the right material (ski touring skis, poles, LWS equipment), basic fitness and experience on the mountain. With the right conditions, smaller tours can also be a lot of fun for inexperienced ski tourers. For safety reasons, you should travel in small groups and know the usual rules.

Snowboarders also get their money’s worth on ski tours. Either rent a so-called split board, which serves as skis when going uphill and can be converted into a board before the descent using its own system, or strap the snowboard onto your  backpack  and do the tour with snowshoes. Beautiful weather and fresh snow overnight ensure unforgettable ski tours.

Winter  offers a welcome change and promises fun for the whole family The weather and temperatures should be checked regularly, especially on ski tours or when skating on the lake. With the right equipment, nothing stands in the way of a beautiful day in the snow.

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