Pansexuality – the all-encompassing love

Pansexuality is just as much a sexual orientation as homosexuality or demisexuality. Pansexual people are attracted to others regardless of gender or sexual identity. There is no preference regarding biological or social sex. The prefix “pan” comes from the Greek and means something like “all” or “encompassing”. Pansexuality is often mistakenly confused with bisexuality.

People who define themselves as pansexual consciously opt for this sexual orientation – pansexuality is coming into focus in gender discourse and the transgender movement, and more and more young people in particular identify themselves as “pan”. These characteristics and signs can indicate pansexuality.

Bisexual or pansexual – those are the differences

Before the question of pansexuality is clarified, the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality should be examined more closely. While bisexual people fall in love with men or women, pansexuality is about the person themselves. These can be female, male, diverse, intersex or transsexual. Pansexual people fall in love with binary and nonbinary people and feel an emotional and/or sexual connection.

The human being is in the foreground

Pansexual people often develop sexual attraction to people without knowing their sexual identity, gender, or pronouns because it doesn’t matter to them. Attraction or love for each person is an important characteristic of pansexuality.

Previous relationships and crushes play a role

Many people define themselves as straight, bi, or homosexual based on previous relationships or partners. But even small crushes from the past for diverse, nonbinary or transsexual people to whom there was a sexual attraction can be a sign of pansexuality. If there has already been a tendency in the past, this could also indicate pansexuality.

The ideal counterpart: Gender doesn’t matter

Does gender matter when I think about my dream partner? People who are unsure about their pansexuality should ask themselves this question. If it doesn’t matter whether the other person is female, male, diverse, intersexual or transsexual, this is another sign of pansexuality.

The meaning of pansexuality in everyday life

If there are more feelings about talking about pansexuality in everyday life and the need to exchange ideas with other pansexual people, this is another sign of sexual orientation. Often people are already thinking about it or addressing the issues openly before the outing takes place. Dealing with a possible outing as pansexual is another feature and an important step towards identification as “pan”.


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