Parent-child cures: relaxation for body and soul

Parent-child cures: relaxation for body and soul

If parents run out of breath or children can no longer get well, a cure is a good idea. Parent-child cures are holistic treatment measures that consider psychological well-being in addition to the actual symptoms. Cures are often used for treatment when the therapies in the place of residence have been exhausted, and there has been no improvement. This is often the case with chronic diseases such as asthma and neurodermatitis but also in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

After a thorough examination, the treating doctor must certify that the treatment is necessary and issue the relevant certificates. This is also possible after serious illnesses such as a mother’s breast cancer operation, after deaths in the family or personal problem situations.

The formalities

Once the applications have been filled out and the certificates have been written, you can either apply directly to the clerk at the respective health insurance company or contact one of the welfare associations, such as Caritas or Muttergenesungswerk, who will forward the application and take care of the processing. In the event of a rejection, you can find support for your objection here and, under certain circumstances, prepare a clarifying discussion with the medical service of the health insurance companies (MDK) to explain the necessity of the treatment better.

Children and father or mother can go to the spa together if:

  • The father/mother needs treatment, and a separation is not reasonable, or the children cannot be accommodated elsewhere.
  • The father/mother and child need treatment and can all be treated at a clinic.
  • The child/children need treatment, which cannot be carried out without an accompanying person.

You are entitled to a treatment every four years, with health insurance companies covering the costs up to a deductible of 9 euros for adults. There is also a contribution towards travel costs. Under certain conditions, all additional payments can be partially or entirely covered. The employer may not take vacation days into account for treatment, although the continued payment of wages may be reduced depending on the company agreement. The employer and the works council provide information about this.

Anyone with private insurance can claim the treatment costs as an extraordinary expense on their income tax return. However, before the treatment begins, a certificate from the medical officer regarding the medical necessity of the treatment must be obtained. Remember that this step can be very time-consuming, and you have to take care of it in good time.


Learn to recover for three weeks.

Parent-child cures are usually 3-week inpatient preventative or rehabilitation measures that are intended as help for self-help and not as a vacation on a sick note. Instead, suggestions should be given and techniques learned to ensure long-term improvement after the treatment ends.

Now, numerous spa clinics are entirely dedicated to caring for families. During the 21-day stay, an initial interview will be held and implemented together with the examination into a therapy plan. The therapy plan includes – depending on the type of illness – various treatments, applications and discussions. But despite the emphasis on the medical aspects of the cure, modern spa clinics also offer a wide range of leisure activities. If necessary, the treatment can be extended by one week upon request.

Which clinic is the right one?

Which clinics come into question depends on the illness. The health insurance companies provide information about this, as do the welfare associations. Brochures and information material about the clinic and health resort are often available there.

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