PH – Fruits, nuts and fruit juices

PH - Fruits, nuts and fruit juices

Fruit has an alkaline effect in the body. Raisins and dried figs lead the pH value table by a wide margin; the watermelon brings up the rear. Nuts , on the  other hand, have an acidic effect. An exception, however, is the hazelnut, which also has a basic effect.

pH table for fruits, nuts and fruits

Fruit and its pH levels

fruit pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
Pineapple -2,7 B
apples -2,2 B
apricots -4,8 B
bananas -5,5 B
pears -2,9 B
strawberries -2,2 B
Figs, dried -18,1 B
Grapefruit -3,5 B
Kiwi -4,1 B
cherries -3,6 B
Mango -3,3 B
oranges -2,7 B
peaches -2,4 B
raisins -21,0 B
Black Currants -6,5 B
watermelons -1,9 B
grapes -3,9 B
Lemons -2,6 B


The PRAL values ​​of fruit juices can be found in our  pH table for beverages.

pH levels of nuts

nuts pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
Peanuts, untreated 8,3 S
hazelnuts -2,8 B
almonds 4,3 S
pistachios 8,5 S
walnuts 6,8 S



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