PH – grain products

PH - grain products

Cereals and flour as well as pasta and bread products have a moderately strong acid-forming effect on the body. Boiled  rice  and wheat bread are the least acidic, while uncooked rice and oatmeal top the list. Depending on the ingredients, noodles have pH values ​​between 6 and 10 in the acidic range. Spaetzle are clearly at the top with a PRAL value of 9.4. In contrast, macaroni scores just 6.1.

pH table for grain products

pH values ​​of grain and flour

grain and flour pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
Amaranth 7,5 S
buckwheat 3,7 S
Cornflakes 6,0 S
Spelt 8,8 S
barley 5,0 S
Green spelled whole grain 8,8 S
oatmeal 10,7 S
millet 8,6 S
Most 3,8 S
Rice, peeled 4,6 S
Rice, peeled and boiled 1,7 S
Rice, unpeeled 12,5 S
rye flour 4,4 S
Rye whole grain flour 5,9 S
wheat flour 6,9 S
whole wheat flour 8,2 S

pH values ​​of pasta

pasta pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
egg noodles 6,4 S
Macaroni 6,1 S
Spaghetti 6,5 S
spaetzle 9,4 S
whole wheat spaghetti 7,3 S

pH levels of bread

Violation pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
Grahambrot 7,2 S
Pumpernickel 4,2 S
Roggenbrot 4,1 S
rye crispbread 3,3 S
mixed rye bread 4,0 S
Whole grain bread 5,3 S
White bread 3,7 S
wheat bread 1,8 S
mixed wheat bread 3,8 S
Zwieback 5,9 S



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