PH – sugars and sweets, fats and oils

mere mohale me chand jo aaya hain

While  chocolate  has an acidic effect on the human organism,  honey  and jam are alkaline. Sugar, on the other hand, has a neutral effect. Olive oil  and sunflower  oil are also neutral in terms of pH  .

pH values ​​of sugar, preserves and sweets

sugar and sweets pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
bitter chocolate 0,4 S
Ice cream (mixed fruit ice cream) -0,6 B
Ice cream (milk ice cream,  vanilla ) 0,6 S
Honig -0,3 B
jam -1,5 B
milk chocolate 2,4 S
Nussgugat cream -1,4 B
cane sugar (brown) -1,2 B
Biscuit cake 3,7 S
sugar (white) 0,0 N


Fats and oils: pH values

fats and oils pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
Butter 0,6 S
Margarine -0,5 B
olive oil 0,0 N
sunflower oil 0,0 N

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