PH value – fish, meat and sausages

PH value – fish, meat and sausages

Fish as well as  meat  and sausage products have an acidic effect on the human organism, with mussels, shrimp, liver and especially rabbits achieving particularly high pH values. In contrast, haddock and duck (with fat and skin) are the least acidic by comparison.

pH levels of fish

Fisch pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
Eel, smoked 11,0 S
Trout, steamed 10,8 S
Shrimp 18,2 S
Halibut 7,8 S
Hering 7,0 S
Cod fillet 7,1 S
carp 7,9 S
To scratch 15,5 S
Salmon 9,4 S
Matjeshering 8,0 S
mussels 15,3 S
Rotbarsch 10,0 S
Sardines in Oil 13,5 S
Schellfisch 6,8 S
It’s been around 7,4 S
Shrimps 7,6 S
Zander 7,1 S


pH values ​​of meat and sausage products

Meat and sausages pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
beer ham 8,3 S
Cervelatwurst 8,9 S
Corned beef, in Dosen 13,2 S
Duck (with fat and skin) 4,1 S
Duck (pure muscle meat) 8,4 S
meat sausage 7,0 S
Frankfurter 6,7 S
Luncheon meat, canned 10,2 S
Goose (pure muscle meat) 13,0 S
Chicken 8,7 S
Jagdwurst 7,2 S
veal 9,0 S
Rabbit (pure muscle meat) 19,0 S
lamb (lean) 7,6 S
liver (veal) 14,2 S
Leber (Rind) 15,4 S
liver (pork) 15,7 S
Liverwurst 10,6 S
beef (lean) 7,8 S
Rump steak (lean and fat) 8,8 S
Salami 11,6 S
pork (lean) 7,9 S
turkey meat 9,9 S
Wiener sausages 7,7 S


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