PH – Vegetables and legumes

PH - Vegetables and legumes

Vegetables basically have a basic character. Spinach is the absolute leader here. In legumes, green  beans  also have an alkaline effect, while peas and dried lentils have an acidic effect.

pH levels of vegetables

vegetables pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
eggplants -3,4 B
cauliflower -4,0 B
Broccoli -1,2 B
Chicory -2,0 B
iceberg lettuce -1,6 B
The pickle -1,6 B
Lamb’s lettuce -5,0 B
fennel -7,9 B
Kale -7,8 B
cucumbers -0,8 B
carrots , boy -4,9 B
potatoes -4,0 B
garlic -1,7 B
Kohlrabi -5,5 B
Lettuce, average of four varieties -2,5 B
leek -1,8 B
peppers -1,4 B
Mushrooms -1,4 B
radish -3,7 B
Cauliflower -4,5 B
Arugula -7,5 B
Sauerkraut -3,0 B
Saddlery -5,2 B
Soybeans (seeds) -3,4 B
soy milk -0,8 B
asparagus -0,4 B
Spinach -14,0 B
Tofu (soybean, steamed) -0,8 B
tomatoes -3,1 B
Zuchinis -4,6 B
onions -1,5 B


Legumes and their pH levels

legumes pH value (PRAL value) acidic / basic
beans, green -3,1 B
Peas 1,2 S
Lentils, green and brown, dried 3,5 S

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