Prevent gray hair with food

Sooner or later they catch us all:  gray hair . The development of gray hair is – especially with increasing age – quite normal. However, there are foods that help delay the natural process and prevent gray hair, at least for a while. You can find out which foods these are here.

Early gray hair: Often genetic

Gray hair is actually not gray at all. Because the color pigments (melanine) in the hair disappear over time and the hair turns white. What looks gray to us is a mix of white and colored hair. Once the color pigments have been removed from the hair, this process cannot be reversed. The appearance of white or gray hair is part of the natural aging process.

Whether and when a person gets gray hair is largely a predisposition. But other factors such as aggressive hair products, smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle also promote early graying of the hair. Certain  foods can  help the pigment cells (melanocytes) stay healthy and continue to produce color pigments.

Foods containing copper against gray hair

Copper is very important for the production of melanin, i.e. also for the color pigments in the hair. In order to preserve the color pigments in the hair and prevent gray hair, it is therefore important to eat foods with a lot of copper. These include, for example  , bananas , cocoa, walnuts and cashews.

Prevent gray hair with sufficient iron and zinc

Iron and  zinc  are important trace elements for healthy hair. If there is a deficiency, hair loss occurs. Therefore, in order to have healthy hair that does not turn gray, it makes sense to prevent a lack of trace elements and vitamins. Oatmeal and pumpkin seeds, for example, are rich in zinc and iron, which is why they make a perfect breakfast.

Vitamin B5 protects the hair

Like the other vitamins in the vitamin B complex, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) ensures healthy hair and is important for all metabolic processes at the hair root. The development of gray hair is therefore favored by a vitamin B5 deficiency. Eggs, butter and whole milk are rich in vitamin B5, but so are plant-based foods such as whole grain products, peanuts and  avocados . So, the occasional bread with avocado – with or without an egg – or peanut butter keeps hair beautiful, healthy and protects against graying.

Gray hair: Proteins and amino acids prevent

Hair is made of keratin, which are protein molecules. For healthy, strong hair, it is therefore worth making sure that you have an adequate supply of proteins. The building blocks of proteins are  amino acids , which is why they should also be ingested in sufficient quantities. In addition to animal products such as meat, eggs, Parmesan cheese and fatty fish, legumes such as lentils and beans as well as wheat germ also contain large amounts of amino acids and proteins, which is why these should be a regular part of the menu. In this way, the hair stays beautiful and healthy and does not turn gray too early.

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