Pulling Ointment: Draw out pus and treat pimples naturally

Pulling Ointment: Draw out pus and treat pimples naturally

Purulent pimplesabscesses and boils can be treated with black or green draw ointment. Green Zugsalbe is an herbal remedy that combines active ingredients from larch, pine and eucalyptus. Black Zugsalbe consists of sulfonated shale oil. The pulling ointment is named because it is supposed to “pull out” the pus from the inflamed area in case of skin problems. How do the two ointments work against purulent skin inflammation? What are the advantages of Zugsalbe as an alternative to other remedies, and can you make Zugsalbe yourself?

Green ointment with an herbal effect

Green pull ointment is a natural and gentle solution for purulent pimples and abscesses. It can be used as part of the self-treatment of skin inflammation in the early stages. It is essential with such complaints that the accumulation of pus empties completely. This is to be achieved with the green Zugsalbe with herbal ingredients. The ointment is also suitable for removing splinters, as it makes the skin more supple and thus increases the sliding ability of the splinter.

The active ingredients of common green ointments are in detail:

  • Larch turpentine/purified turpentine oil: Larch turpentine and purified turpentine oil promote blood circulation in the inflamed areas of the skin. The maturation process progresses faster, and the pus can drain off faster.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: This oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is said to liquefy the pus.
  • Rosemary oil: Besides its anti-inflammatory effect, rosemary oil is said to have an antibacterial and antifungal (fungus-killing) effect.
  • Thyme oil: Thyme also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Other ingredients include fats such as Vaseline or beeswax. These fats promote the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin and prevent contact or smear infections from occurring due to additional skin irritation around the abscess. The essential oils also soothe the skin and increase skin tolerance.

If there is an intolerance to one or more ingredients, allergic reactions can occur as side effects.


How does black ointment work?

Like its green alternative, black ointment has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. However, black pull ointment is based on ammonium bitumen sulfonate. The active ingredient is obtained from oil shale, a sedimentary rock.

Ammonium bitumen sulfonate promotes blood circulation and, thus, the maturation process of inflammation. The pus can break through faster. In addition, the organic compounds contained, the so-called phenols, reduce sebum production.

Possible side effects include skin irritation in the treated area. These include redness, itching or burning. These can also irritate if the black-pulling ointment is applied near the mucous membranes.

When is Zugsalbe used?

Black and green pulling ointment can be used for various ailments, for example:

  • abscesses
  • carbuncles and boils
  • purulent inflammations on the fingers
  • inflammation of the sweat glands
  • nail bed inflammation
  • pimple-like skin lesions
  • hair follicles
  • easier removal of smaller splinters

The ointment can be used in particular in areas where skin irritation occurs as a result of sweatingshaving or improper “squeezing out” of acne pimples. Green Zugsalbe can be used to prevent (new) infections as well as for acute or long-term treatment.

No data are available on the use of Zugsalbe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Use during this time is therefore not recommended. Otherwise, the application applies according to the package insert or doctor’s instructions.


How fast does Zugsalbe work?

Depending on the active ingredient’s concentration and inflammation type, the pulling ointment works at different speeds. As a rule, however, the symptoms should improve after three days.

Have dermatitis treated by a doctor

More significant skin abscesses or abscesses in conspicuous areas, for example, on the face, should be treated by a doctor if in doubt. A doctor’s visit can be helpful even if the abscess does not improve within a week. The doctor usually cuts the abscess open with a sterile scalpel so the pus can drain out. The affected area is given a local anaesthetic beforehand.

If there are complications, such as the spread of inflammation in the body or numerous abscesses, an antibiotic may also be prescribed. Sometimes, antibiotics are prescribed as a preventive measure.

If the skin inflammation is in the early stages or does not meet the above criteria, an ointment is usually sufficient for treatment.

Buy train ointment

Zugsalbe is available online or in pharmacies without a prescription. The prices vary depending on the size of the pack and the concentration of the active ingredients it contains – an active ingredient concentration of 20 or 50 per cent is usual for black ointment. The average price for a pack of Zugsalbe is ten to 15 euros.


Make Zugsalve yourself?

Train ointments are only available in the pharmacy. As an alternative to Zugsalbe, however, you can make the so-called “Pechsalbe” yourself. This should also have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Ingredients for pitch ointment:

  • 10 grams of beeswax
  • 15 grams of purified tree sap (available online)
  • 20 milliliters of olive oil

Heat all the ingredients in an ovenproof glass or mould until a uniform mass is obtained. You can then fill this into a sterile glass. Essential oils can be added at will, ideally with anti-inflammatory effects. The ointment can be kept for about half a year.

The same applies here: In the case of intolerance, the ointment should not be used, and medical advice should always be sought for severe or long-lasting symptoms.

Home remedies as an alternative to Zugsalbe

Various home remedies can help speed up the healing process for pus pimples.

Classic home remedies for pimples are:

  • Tea tree oil: An antibacterial effect of tea tree oil has been demonstrated under laboratory conditions.
  • Healing earth: Healing earth binds excess fat and sebum on the skin and can thus accelerate the healing process. Mix the healing clay with warm water and apply it as a paste.
  • Lukewarm tea bags: Chamomile or black tea is anti-inflammatory and dries out the skin. This can promote healing.
  • Honey: Honey has an antibacterial effect and can thus help to reduce inflammation.

To remove splinters more efficiently, a water bath can also help as an alternative to the traction ointment. Add soap to lukewarm water and soak the affected skin area for about 20 minutes.

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