Quitting Smoking: How to Avoid Gaining Weight

Quitting Smoking: How to Avoid Gaining Weight

Quitting smoking is beneficial for your health in many ways. The respiratory tract can recover, and the risk of cardiovascular and cancer diseases decreases. However, many smokers struggle with weight gain after quitting. We reveal why ex-smokers often gain weight and give tips on how to avoid gaining weight.

Fear of gaining weight

Many smokers fear they will gain significant weight if they stop smoking. This fear often prevents women, in particular, from finally putting down the fags. The risk of gaining weight after quitting smoking is usually overestimated. Although the majority of smokers gain weight after quitting, the weight gain is only solid in ten per cent of smokers. In the long run, the weight of non-smokers and ex-smokers does not differ. Ex-smokers often regain their average weight after a year.


causes of weight gain

Weight gain in ex-smokers is often related to eating to compensate for the lack of cigarettes. Instead of smoking cigarettes, ex-smokers reach for sweets or other high-calorie foods. The risk of gaining weight is more significant the more cigarettes a person has smoked each day.

In addition, the weight gain after quitting smoking can also be explained by the fact that nicotine has an appetite-suppressing effect. If the neurotoxin is missing, the appetite increases, and you eat more food. However, weight gain can also occur in people who eat the same amount of food as before. This is because nicotine increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, thereby increasing the basal metabolic rate.

Conclusion: Former smokers burn less energy but at the same time are more hungry than before.

Quitting smoking: Avoid gaining weight.

To avoid gaining significant weight after quitting smoking, you should pay close attention to your eating habits for a while. A rule of thumb is that ex-smokers should consume about 150 fewer calories per day than before to avoid gaining weight. When hunger strikes, try to fight it with healthy treats. Reach for fruit or vegetable wedges instead of chocolate and gummy bears.

There are also other tips and tricks that former smokers can use to prevent weight gain after quitting smoking :

  • Bite down on something spicy instead of reaching for candy. The intense stimulus overrides the increased appetite, and you save calories.
  • Ensure you get enough exercise: This distracts from the withdrawal symptoms and prevents weight gain.
  • Prepare for emergencies: In an emergency, a piece of sugar-free chewing gum in your pocket can save you from sweet and savoury temptations such as ice cream or chips.

Integrating more exercise into everyday life after you have stopped smoking is advisable. This allows you to prevent weight gain without any diet stress.


nicotine replacement products

Nicotine replacement products such as nicotine chewing gum or nicotine patches can not only alleviate withdrawal symptoms, but also prevent weight gain. The preparations continue to supply the body with nicotine, so there is no appetite-increasing effect. Heavy smokers should check with their doctor about prescription replacements if needed.

When using nicotine replacement preparations, however, it should be noted that weight gain often becomes noticeable after the preparations have been stopped. However, this delayed onset has the advantage that you don’t have to fight withdrawal symptoms and weight gain at the same time. The problems are usually easier to solve one after the other.

This is how you lose weight again

If you gained a few pounds after quitting smoking, don’t take it too seriously. By quitting smoking, you’ve done your health a huge favour. On the other hand, two or three kilos more on the scales are significantly lighter. In addition, weight often returns to normal on its own over time.

If you want to lose weight again after quitting smoking, you shouldn’t put yourself under too much pressure. Instead, try to lose weight slowly but over the long term through more exercise and a healthy diet. If you don’t like doing sports, we’ll tell you here how you can lose weight without exercising.

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