Recognizing Stress Symptoms: How Stressed Are You?

Stress serves to heighten our senses and keep us alert and alert in situations of danger. The heart beats faster, the muscles tense and breathing becomes hectic. The activity of the sex and digestive organs, on the other hand, is reduced. In principle, small stressful situations are not harmful to our health and even promote our ability to concentrate. However, if you are permanently stressed by a stressful everyday life, this has a negative effect on our body.

The stress symptoms that people show differ from person to person: many are tense, irritable or angry, but some are also nervous or anxious. Physical symptoms such as skin rashes, headaches and gastrointestinal problems can also occur. These warning signals from the body when you are stressed should be taken seriously.

Are you under constant stress in everyday life or is nothing upsetting you? And how well do you manage to balance things out? Take the test on your personal stress level and learn to recognize the body’s warning signals when it is stressed.

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