Sauna – sweat yourself healthy!

Sweating is vital for people   : That’s why visiting the 85 to 100 °C hot sauna is more popular in Germany than ever before. However, serious mistakes are repeatedly made with the naturopathic treatment from the far north, which impairs the success of the “healthy action”. We explain what needs to be considered when going to the sauna – from  showering  to the best position in the sauna to cooling off properly.

What should be considered when showering?

Since the escaping sweat also builds up the so-called protective acid layer of the skin, doctors recommend that you wash yourself thoroughly with  soap  in the shower before visiting the sweat cabin, but only rinse off the sweat afterwards with plain water.

Rules for the sauna session

In the sweat cabin, visitors should lie down on the middle or higher level for at least eight, preferably twelve, but no more than 15 minutes. Lying down because this results in a uniform warming of the whole body. A sitting position should be assumed one to two minutes before leaving the sauna.

Properly cooling down after the sauna session

It is important to cool down after each sauna session. The process is best started with a cool air bath lasting two to five minutes. This is followed by cold hose affusions or flood showers, always beginning with the hands and feet and gradually progressing to the middle of the body. This promotes the training of the blood vessels in the skin.

The cooling process can be accelerated with warm  footbaths  (up to 40 °C, only ankle-high). Because footbaths widen the skin vessels, which are narrowed by the cold water, and thus promote the removal of excess heat via the capillaries of the skin. Afterwards, the sauna visitor should rest on a lounger for twelve to 15 minutes.

Contrary to popular belief, when used correctly, the sauna does not cause excessive stress on the heart and circulatory system, despite the strong heat effect. Sauna is even strongly recommended for hypertensive patients in early stages.

9 mistakes to avoid

  • Never rushed or immediately after strenuous exercise in the sauna heat; there is a risk of  circulatory problems .
  • Always dry well in the sweat cabin, then you sweat better.
  • Avoid physical exertion in the heat. Even talking can be exhausting.
  • Never go to the sauna during an acute viral infection.
  • Only drink after the sauna bath, otherwise the detoxification effect will be destroyed.
  • After the sweat bath, do not take a warm shower, but always cold showers. This supports the cooling effect.
  • Absolutely avoid “post-sweating”, even if warm pools or post-sweating rooms are available. There is a risk of circulatory overload and infections.
  • Cold foot baths after a sweat bath can cause vascular cramps.
  • Gymnastics or  swimming  after the sauna delays cooling and promotes infections.

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