Selected quotes on nutrition

Anyone can do magic, anyone can achieve their goals if they can think, if they can wait, if they   can  fast . Hermann Hesse, German writer

Real men don’t eat  honey  – they chew bees. Said to be the American film actor Chuck Norris

Eat what is cooked. Drink what is clear. Say what’s true. Martin Luther, German reformer

Many people have forgotten how to eat. You can only swallow. Paul Bocuse, French star chef

The discovery of a new food promotes the happiness of mankind more than the discovery of a new star. Jean Anthèlme Brillat-Savarin, French philosopher

There is only one pleasure greater than the pleasure of eating well: the pleasure of cooking well. Günter Grass, German writer

Your  food  is your medicine. Hippocrates, Greek physician

Food should please the eye first, and then the stomach. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet

A good roast is rightly reckoned among good deeds. Wilhelm Busch, German poet

If they have no  bread  , let them eat cake. Ascribed to Queen Marie Antoinette of France

God, what luck! A semolina soup, a place to sleep and no physical pain – that’s a lot! Theodor Fontane, German writer

Tomorrow is the day when most fasting cures begin. Gustav Knuth, German actor

Where there is hunger, peace cannot endure. Willy Brandt, German politician

Eating is a most unfair thing: each bite stays in the mouth for two minutes at most, two hours in the stomach, but three months on the hips. Christian Dior, French fashion designer

Nothing will increase your chances of surviving on Earth like adopting a vegetarian diet. Albert Einstein, German physicist

Only water, grain and grass go into our cows. Renate Künast, German politician

One should offer the body something good so that the soul feels like living in it. Winston Churchill, English politician

Without health there is no profitable activity; but to make the maintenance of health the business of one’s life is the business of idle fools and hypochondriacs. Franz Grillparzer, Austrian dramatist

The hunger of people in different parts of the world stems from the fact that many of us are taking far too much more than we need. Mahatma Gandhi

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