Shortened corona isolation obligation: What applies where?

According to the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute, anyone who is infected with the corona virus only has to isolate themselves for five days. In some federal states, the reduced obligation to isolate already applies, in others the new regulation is to follow promptly. What to pay attention to?

The new recommendation has been in effect since May 1st, but it is already the order of the day in some federal states. What does the new regulation mean specifically for infected people, contact persons and healthcare workers? And which federal states are going their own way?

What do you have to consider in the event of a corona infection?

If there is evidence of an infection with the  coronavirus  , the person concerned must continue to isolate themselves on the instructions of the health department. This means that you are not allowed to leave your own home – contact with people who do not belong to your own household is not allowed. The period of this obligation to isolate is five days from the date of the first positive test result. In contrast to the previous regulation, a negative rapid test by an official test center is no longer necessary after these five days in order to be allowed to end the isolation.

However, the Federal Ministry of Health continues to advise all those affected to only end the isolation if there is a negative corona test.

What applies to contacts?

There is no obligation to isolate contact persons of a person who has been proven to be infected, regardless of the vaccination status. However, there is an urgent recommendation to reduce contact with others and to carry out a daily self-test in order to detect an infection at an early stage.

Which states are different?

The majority of the federal states have already implemented the new regulation or will make the change in the course of the next few days. Deviations from the recommendation are already known in two federal states:

  • Bremen:  Bremen is not introducing a reduction in the isolation requirement. It remains in isolation for ten days. After five days, however, there is the possibility of free testing.
  • North Rhine-Westphalia:  In North Rhine-Westphalia, the obligation to test at the end of the five-day isolation does not apply. A negative PCR test or a negative rapid test from an official test center must still be proven.

Special rules for healthcare workers

Stricter regulations continue to apply to people who work in healthcare facilities or in care. A free test is necessary and can be done on the fifth day after the start of isolation at the earliest if there have been no symptoms for 48 hours beforehand.

Health care contact persons of infected people must test themselves daily for five days or alternatively carry out a nucleic acid amplification test before starting work.


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