Sling trainer: exercises for an effective home workout

More than just hanging out: sling training is a popular  workout for the whole body. The sling trainers from different brands and manufacturers can be found in fitness studios – but they can also be used at home or outdoors. Everything you need: a yoga or fitness mat, the sling trainer, currently available from discounters, online or in sports shops, and a way to hang it up. Closed doors, ceiling-mounted hooks or fitness stations in parks or sports facilities are suitable for this. The exercises can be performed in three sets of eight to twelve repetitions, depending on personal preference. If you prefer to limit the training time, you can do the variations between 30 and 60 seconds depending on your fitness level. Build muscle with these exercises

Sling trainer – exercise for the torso and abdomen

A stable torso ensures ideal power transmission, especially when running, and can help prevent injuries – well-   trained torso muscles are also recommended for those suffering from back pain in the lower area. The exercise consists of different positions. Beginners are advised to hold the support position for about 30 to 60 seconds.

Here’s how it works: The starting position is a high support position. The hands are parallel to each other while the feet are threaded into the sports equipment. Stomach and bottom are tense, shoulder blades are slightly contracted. From the plank, go into an extended arm position. The arms remain straight throughout the exercise.

The exercise begins by drawing your knees towards your chest.

Core muscles train in the sling trainer

The starting position is done with your legs straight and hip-width apart. The toes point slightly outwards. The shoulder blades are contracted, the abdomen tense. Slowly pull the legs toward the chest until maximum stress and tension occurs in the abdomen and core. Then the legs are brought back to the starting position. The exercise can be carried out individually depending on the training condition. At the beginning, eight repetitions in three sets or a duration of 30 seconds are suitable.

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Here, too, the legs are straight at the beginning, but the entire body is aligned to the side. The exercise can be varied depending on the position of the legs: the lateral abdominal muscles are particularly trained by pulling the legs past the body instead of the chest and then returning them to the starting position.

At the beginning, the repetitions should be performed on each side between five and eight times in three sets.

With increasing training success, the number of repetitions can be carried out individually. Tip:  Make sure your back is straight during the exercise, avoid a hollow back by pulling your navel slightly inwards.

Strengthen your legs and bottom with the sling trainer

This exercise particularly strengthens the rear leg muscles (harmstrings), the hips and the torso. The starting position is a stretched body position on your back, with your feet in the loops of the training device. Legs and hips are fully extended, abdomen is tight, shoulders are flat on the mat, arms are stretched left and right along the body.

From the starting position, the heels slowly pull towards the buttocks, at the same time the body rises and the hips are stretched away from the floor.
The shoulder blades stay on the ground the whole time, the arms provide stability. The legs slowly return to the stretched position.

Hamstrings in the sling trainer

Those who are particularly experienced can also perform the exercise just described alternately with the left and right leg. This leads to more stress and strain on the hamstrings.

Sling Trainer: Front thigh muscles

The squat (squad) is a popular way to train the thighs. Squads become even more intense in the sling trainer: Since some people have problems bringing their knees into the advanced position, which is easy on the joints, the handle of the sports equipment can help. The additional support makes it easier for the athlete to lean backwards. The knees do not protrude beyond the tips of the toes.

The starting position is in a straight, hip-width stance, the toes point slightly outwards. The shoulder blades are contracted, the abdomen tense.

For a deep position, the knees are slowly pushed forward, the hips move back. The stretched arms lead forward, chest and back remain straight. From the deep position you go back up with a powerful pressure in the hip and leg.

Pistol squad in the sling trainer

The difficulty of the basic squads can be increased by doing a one-legged squat (pistol squad).

The exercise is done standing on one leg with your hands in the loops. One leg is stretched forward with toes raised. A seat movement with the stable leg enables the deep position. The stomach remains tense, the back upright, the hips are slightly bent. From the deep position, push yourself back to the starting position.

Biceps – sling training for the upper arm

The upper arms are also used in the sling trainer: for the biceps curls, the body is tilted backwards, the arms stretched forward, the palms of the hands point upwards, and the handle of the sling trainer is grasped.

The arms are bent at the elbows and brought as close as possible to the shoulders, the body straightens in sequence. The palms face the shoulders and are at shoulder level.

The arms are slowly extended again without changing the position of the elbow.

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