Smell disorder after Corona: when will the sense of smell return?

Loss of the sense of smell and taste is a common symptom of COVID-19 disease that can persist even after the infection is gone. Many patients could not fully smell even months after the corona infection. Read here if and when the sense of smell will fully return.

Doctors from the ENT clinic at the University of Strasbourg looked after patients who had lost their  sense of smell  as a result of the corona infection.

Corona infection: the sense of smell returns

A total of 97 patients were examined and treated, and the results can be rated positively:

  • 84 percent had a normal result in the smell test after just four months
  • A total of 96 percent were able to smell normally again after eight months
  • The remaining patients still have the odor disorder after a year

Reasons for the loss of the sense of smell include an increased olfactory threshold. Here, the concentration of the fragrances that can just be perceived is increased. Another consequence is parosmia, in which the person concerned cannot correctly identify the smells offered.


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