Sport despite Corona measures!

The Corona emergency brake also provides for a sports ban for groups and clubs. Many people therefore resort to individual sports such as home workouts or jogging. Despite contact restrictions, these 5 sports work together with the family or with a friend.

These sports and activities are great fun, especially outdoors and in nature. The cold days should be followed by a warm spring, which makes you want fresh air and nature. These are the best cycling and jogging alternatives for a household.

Sport despite contact restrictions: 5 sports for spring

These sports are perfect to practice with a household or a friend:

  1. Slackline promotes coordination and balance:  The slackline has been at home in German parks, gardens and swimming pools for several years. Balancing on the wide band strengthens the torso and legs in particular and promotes concentration and coordination – this is one of the reasons why the slackline is a popular training device for skiers in summer.
    The slackline is hung about 30 centimeters above the ground (usually between trees). At the beginning, a few steps on the slack band are already a success, gradually different maneuvers such as walking backwards or turns can be practiced.
    Slacklines can usually be bought on the Internet and in local sports shops via Click & Collect. Beginner slacklines are available in stores from as little as 40 euros.
  2. Frisbee, the sporty UFO:  The Frisbee disc is a suitable alternative to ball and throwing games and at home on large lawns in parks or on the beach. There are now various clubs that offer, for example, disc golf, similar to mini golf, or ultimate frisbee. Throwing and catching the disc correctly is key when playing Frisbee.
    This promotes coordination skills on the one hand and the cardiovascular system on the other, since the sport is strenuous and the Frisbee usually does not fly directly into your hand at the beginning.
    The Frisbee can also be a sporty toy for the animal companion. Dogs like to catch the Frisbee while retrieving from the air.
    Frisbees can be bought both online and in selected sports shops from as little as five euros.
  3. Spikeball or Roundnet – Reflexes Required:  Similar to volleyball, Spikeball or Roundnet involves hitting a small ball onto a trampoline-like net. The other team must get the ball back on the net within three touches. If a team doesn’t catch the ball, if it stays in the net or if it can’t be used after three touches, the other team gets the point.
    Spikeball is usually played in teams of two, but can also be fun and a lot of movement in one-on-one games. Basically, spikeball promotes concentration, reflexes and coordination and can also stimulate the cardiovascular system.
    The spikeball set, including balls, is available in stores from as little as 30 euros.
  4. Stand Up Paddling (SUP):  As soon as the temperatures rise, you will find many people stand up paddling on lakes and small rivers. The wide surfboard offers a lot of buoyancy and can transport up to three people, depending on the variant. It is controlled and propelled with a paddle. The sport on the water requires a good sense of balance and strengthens the torso and abdominal muscles in particular, as well as the ability to concentrate. With a secure footing, the SUP can already be practiced on warm spring days.
    Stand Up Paddles can be bought online or at discounters for around 300 euros. Tip:  Check the discounters online in spring or buy used Stand Up Paddles in portals and exchanges.
  5. Virtual scavenger hunt or geocaching:  With geocaching, an object is usually hidden in nature or in cities and can be found using GPS coordinates. The advantage: Geocaching can be played as a competition and the virtual scavenger hunt can take place contactless household against household.
    The virtual scavenger hunt is suitable for the whole family and replaces a walk or a bike ride, for example. Geocaching can be played using a free app on a smartphone or a special device.  Various caches in the region can be found at

The warmer spring days are particularly suitable for spending time in nature and outdoors. In addition to the sports already mentioned, the Viking game, badminton or badminton also offer sporting alternatives with your own household. Social distancing and AHA rules should also be observed outdoors, so that sport in groups and clubs may soon be possible again.


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