Sport during the lunch break: 6 reasons for exercise in the office

Exercise and sport during the lunch break are a welcome balance in the home office and at work. Movement promotes the ability to concentrate and general well-being. 6 reasons why you should exercise during your lunch break.

Physical activity in the workplace has benefits for the body and mind. It can promote performance at work and contribute to greater well-being.

1. A short walk during the lunch break brings new energy

Just get out of the office, do a little lap and give your body some fresh air and some exercise. A short walk or sport during the lunch break can provide a breath of fresh air in the afternoon, because:

  • physical activity stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • the brain is better supplied with oxygen

After   a short walk, you can safely do without coffee and unhealthy energy drinks in the afternoon.

2. Sport at work promotes concentration

Brief sporting activities before work or during the lunch break can improve the ability to concentrate. Sport stimulates the existing nerve cells in the brain and also promotes the formation of new cells in the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory, among other things.

30 minutes of exercise can help boost brain performance. In addition to walks, light gymnastics or a short bike ride are also suitable.

3. Exercise at Work: Health Benefits for Employees and Employers

Physical activity strengthens the  immune system  and prevents diseases. Even a little training and short gymnastics can reduce back pain and postural damage caused by long work at the desk. A conscious lifestyle with a focus on healthy eating can also promote this.

The result: the employee is symptom-free and requires fewer sick leave, the employer has the full potential of the employee at his disposal.

4. Movement in the workplace: happy employees

Physical activity can make you happy and content. Exercise promotes the production of different happiness hormones such as  serotonin  and  dopamine . Exercise can also help reduce  depression  and the development of Alzheimer’s. Both in the home office and in the office, attention should therefore be paid to physical activity during the lunch break or short stretching exercises during working hours to release happy hormones.

5. Sport strengthens the working community

Sport or joint walks and activities can strengthen team spirit and have a positive effect on cooperation and productivity.

6. Activity increases motivation

Even a short activity in the fresh air or small exercises that strengthen the back and relieve tension require intrinsic  motivation at the beginning . The positive effects of physical activity can also be easily transferred to everyday life and other areas of life and thus create motivation for new areas.


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