Tips for stomach problems – No. 8 to 12

Tips for stomach problems - No. 8 to 12

Tip 8: Heel sit (exercise)

In the case of stomach problems, special gymnastic exercises can also help to relieve the pain: sit on your heels and stretch both arms over your head. The palms should touch each other. Then tighten your buttocks and pull your upper body up with your arms. However, stay on your heels. Hold the tension for about a minute.


Tip 9: Switch off

It is not uncommon for abdominal pain to be the result of a stressful or hectic everyday life. If you suffer from stomach problems, try to avoid stress and consciously switch off: Take a break, rest and only do what you feel like doing.

Also, make sure you eat regularly, calmly and slowly. After all, gulping down meals can also lead to abdominal discomfort.

Tip 10: Abdominal massage

In the case of acute abdominal problems, a gentle massage of the abdomen can help to relieve the symptoms. Thyme, locust seed or lavender oil is particularly suitable for the massage.

During the abdominal massage, circular movements are performed around the navel with the palm of your hand. It is essential always to carry out the movements in a clockwise direction.

Caution: You should not perform the massage if you find it uncomfortable.


Tip 11: The rolled-up leaf (exercise)

This exercise can also help alleviate your abdominal discomfort. The starting point is the heel seat: Bend your upper body forward and rest your forehead on the floor. Now, stretch your arms forward and stay in this position until you are entirely relaxed.

Tip 12: Chamomile compress

A chamomile compress is an excellent alternative to a tummy wrap. To do this:

  1. Put three tablespoons of chamomile flowers in a bowl and pour a litre of boiling water over them.
  2. Leave for ten minutes and then drain the water.
  3. Dip a cotton cloth in the warm chamomile water, wring it out and place it on the aching stomach at an appropriate temperature.


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