Storing the pill in the heat: Caution required

Many medicines contain a note in the package leaflet that the medicine should not be stored above 25 °C. The birth control pill can also react to temperature differences. But does the pill really lose its effectiveness when the temperature is too high?

Especially in the summer months, the temperature often exceeds the 25 degree mark – not only outside but also inside.  Many women are not even aware of how to store the  pill correctly. How does heat affect the protection of the pill?

Pill in the heat: store correctly

If the pill blister is in the outer packaging, i.e. the original packaging, the pill should also be able to withstand temperatures above 25 °C. Manufacturers often expose  drugs  to extreme conditions during development to make them suitable for everyday use. Short heat waves and an increased room temperature should not harm the pill.

Even direct sunlight shouldn’t bother the baby pill, as long as the blister isn’t lying in the blazing sun without its packaging. However, if this was the case, it is recommended that a new prescription be issued.

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