Strengthen the immune system with zinc!

Strengthen the immune system with zinc!

Warm weekends are followed by cold days. In the second week, too, April keeps its promises. The constant changes in weather promote colds and weaken the immune system. Zinc strengthens the immune system and supports important metabolic processes. These 3 foods support the immune system.

Zinc , an underestimated all-rounder: Zinc strengthens the immune system and supports the  metabolism . Zinc also plays an important role in healthy skin, hair, nails and eyes.

These 3 foods contain a particularly large amount of zinc

Many people use zinc tablets to cover their daily zinc requirements. Women are recommended around 8 milligrams of zinc, while men should consume a daily dose of 14 milligrams of zinc.

There is a particularly high amount of zinc in these 3 foods:

  1. Meat supplies the body with zinc:  Red meat such as beef (4 to 5 mg per 100 g), veal (3 mg) and leg of sheep (3.7 mg) contain a lot of zinc. Meat also provides the body with important protein, B vitamins and  iron . Tip: Consume sustainably and enjoy high-quality meat from the regional butcher.
  2. Topping in muesli or salad –  Nuts  as zinc suppliers:  Nuts contain a lot of zinc. The top performers are pecans with 5.3 milligrams per hundred grams. Brazil nuts (4.0 mg), peanuts (2.8 mg), walnuts (2.7 mg) and almonds (2.1 mg) also supply the body with zinc and thus strengthen the immune system.
  3. Lentils as a meatless zinc alternative:  Lentils are ahead with 3.7 milligrams of zinc per 100 grams. The meat alternative also provides a lot of protein and is therefore particularly popular with vegetarians. Tip: Lentil stew warms you up on cold days, while lentil patties taste particularly good when grilled or in a burger.

In addition to the foods mentioned, oatmeal, soy products, cheese and fish also supply the body with zinc. Proper nutrition can therefore be enough to cover the daily need for zinc.

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