Managing and Preventing Stretch Marks: Tips for Healthy Skin

Managing and Preventing Stretch Marks: Tips for Healthy Skin

Although stretch marks are unpopular with women, they are often difficult to avoid. Luckily, there are some tricks to help stretch marks fade after childbirth. While facial skin often looks fresher and smoother during pregnancy, hidden areas look very different. Between the fourth and sixth month, fine snake-like stiffening can form on the stomach, thighs, breasts and buttocks – the so-called stretch marks.

Every second, a pregnant woman is affected.

Every second pregnant woman has this weakness in the connective tissue, which often shows up even before pregnancy on the parts of the body that are affected by more significant fluctuations in weight and size during a diet, for example, The thighs or arms, the breasts or the stomach. What does not exactly please the eye results from a helpful arrangement of the body.


cause of stretch marks

During pregnancy, the connective tissue is heavily stressed by weight gain and enlargement of the abdominal circumference. Therefore, it automatically expands with you. The collagenous fibres of weak connective tissue do not always withstand this process. They then tear on particularly stressed body parts, resulting in reddish-blue streaks that fade after birth. What remains are silvery shimmering scars of varying severity.

Regular massage against stretch marks

To prevent stretch marks, you should regularly massage your breasts, stomach, buttocks and thighs at the beginning of pregnancy. Circular movements, kneading and plucking, promote blood circulation and strengthen the elasticity of the tissue.

For a plucking massage, gently grasp small areas of skin with your thumb and forefinger, carefully lift and rerelease them. Do this for about five minutes a day. How about you always think about it before you go to sleep? Many women swear that massages are successful if used regularly (i.e. at least twice a week, preferably daily).

However, there are also women whose connective tissue weakness improves due to the massage, but stretch marks still appear. From the ninth month, all women are only recommended to have a very gentle massage of the abdominal region, as too strong a massage can trigger contractions.

Cold showers are also suitable for blood circulation and skin metabolism. You can also care for the endangered regions while showering with a special massage washcloth. Always finish the cold shower with a cool shower.


For further support

Pharmacies offer special massage oils to strengthen the connective tissue. Most contain unsaturated fatty acids such as almonds, jojoba, wheat germ, and sunflower. The oil of the arnica blossom, the safflower or the Centella Asiatica affects some products. In addition to the herbal active ingredients, most products contain silicon or hydroxyproline.

Enriched with orange and rose blossoms, there are also products for sensitive “pregnant” noses. However, when using massage oils, please note that you do not use them for a week before an ultrasound appointment with your gynaecologist. Otherwise, the quality of the examination will suffer.

Your breasts can also be supported with a well-fitting bra. Eating a balanced diet can also reduce the effects of stretching. In any case, conscious feasting is essential during pregnancy, as more cell substance is built up. Therefore, they eat a lot of vitamins C and E and protein; they ensure elasticity and stimulate cell renewal and blood flow.

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