Test: Am I a psychopath?

Impulsiveness, overconfidence or white lies – most people know this from time to time. But when are such reactions normal and when can they indicate a serious personality disorder such as  psychopathic behavior  ?

Because the characteristics mentioned are also typical of psychopaths. A psychopathic being is often equated with a sociopath. In contrast, a psychopath is emotionally cold, hardly influenced by moral ideas and lacks empathy. Such people can “function” superficially, hiding the psychopathic tendencies from those around them.

You can use the following test to determine whether and to what extent you display the characteristics of a psychopath. The test is based on the so-called  “Psychopathy Checklist Revised”  (PCL-R) by criminal psychologist Robert D. Hare. This checklist plays an important role in both criminology and psychology.

Please note that this test can  not  replace a professional diagnosis. If in doubt, please contact your family doctor immediately or seek specialist or psychotherapeutic advice in order to receive an exact diagnosis and to be able to receive further advice.

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