Test: is it herpes?

Herpes is a skin disease caused by the herpes simplex virus. After a mostly unnoticed initial infection, viruses remain in the human body and are later reactivated – this is when typical symptoms usually appear. These include:

  • painful blisters in and around the mouth. They can cause bad breath.
  • general feeling of illness
  • high fever
  • Lymph nodes in the jaw and neck are swollen

Most often, the unpleasant blisters appear on the lips. Have you noticed any changes in your skin? Then take our test and find out if it could be herpes!

This test can only give you an indication of whether you may have contracted herpes. It is not intended to replace a visit to the doctor! Because only a doctor can correctly assess your symptoms and make an appropriate diagnosis. If you notice symptoms that indicate an infection with the herpes simplex virus, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist!

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